Barn Rules Update Good morning, everybody!

Barn Rules Update Good morning, everybody!

Post by Gisela Heimsath-Rhode » Wed, 21 Apr 1993 00:12:19

 I got several responses to my original question about barn rules and
 over the weekend I put together a list that seemed appropiate for
 my barn (5 horses, no kids, no visitors).
 Here it goes:
                   Barn Rules for White Oak Farm


3. Don't leave a horse unattended on the cross ties.
4. Don't work your horse before 7 AM and after 8PM (Winter) / 9PM (Summer)
   The horses get their grain at 6AM and 9 PM/10PM.
   If you are going somewhere (show etc.) and the feeding needs to be
   adjusted....please let us know 1 day in advance.
5. Don't feed or handle other horses than your own.
6. Don't borrow other people's equipment without permission.
7. Let us know if you have a vet/farrier coming and you can not meet
   her/him at the barn.
8. Clean up after grooming, vet, farrier etc.
9. Be considerate to other riders in the ring. Not everybody rides as
   well as you do.
10.Leave time and approx. direction when going on a trail ride alone.
11.Be considerate of hikers and skiers in public areas.
12.Keep your dog restrained.
13.Turn off the lights (especially the ring lights) and remind Gisela
   to do so.
14.Let us know when there is a problem. Most issues can be talked over
   and resolved.
and last but not least:

15. Have Fun! Enjoy!

I hope I covered everything. I left out the rules that are more or
less directed to kids (no running in the aisle) and visitors (visitors
by appointment only) and the ones that are in my boarding agreement
(costs, vaccinations, our responsibilities etc.).
Another set of rules came from Peter Neilson (which I thought
were very interesting but Boy am I glad that I don't have to deal
with that problem):
For rollerskaters following your trailer:
-Free fertilizer. Just tailgate a bit closer.
-Caution! Mare pees over tailgate.

Thanks to everybody who responded, your input helped me a lot!!