Equine-L having problems!

Equine-L having problems!

Post by Tar » Fri, 01 Jul 1994 12:45:36

For all of you on Equine-L, it seems the list is having *major*
problems.  With the exception of only one person that I know of
(lhansen), *nobody* is getting *anything* from the list.

I sent email to Bill (the listowner of Equine-L) and have yet to get a
response.  However, the archives for the group show that only two
messages have gotten through since about 4am EST on wednesday.

I do know that listmembers in Germany, Australia, Canada, the States &
the UK have not received anything.  (Including myself)

If I get any response from Bill...or it looks like things might get
worse, I'll probably begin several mass mailings (by last name, ie. A-C,
D-F, etc) to everybody on the directory.  Sarah (Silk's mum) has already
started to look into how to transfer a list, if it comes to that.  This
many be all premature and the list comes back soon (oh I hope so!), but
just in case...

For all of you not on Equine-L, sorry to waste the space but I can best
contact dual members this way.  Sooo...all of you on Equine-L are
encouraged to write me privately so not to waste tons of rec.equestrian time.


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