olympic vcr tapes

olympic vcr tapes

Post by Judy Labovi » Fri, 04 Sep 1992 07:23:05

Here it finally is!!  I sent the tapes to the first person on the list
Thursday Sept 2.  Here is the list of people that the tapes will be moving
through (ugh, what a poorly constructed sentence).  As of now, there is
only one set of tapes making the rounds.  Another set will not be
available until the end of September / begining of October, so take care
of them.  Instructions and a complete mailing list are contained in the
box with the tapes.

Dave Dabay               uunet!ruacad.ac.runet.edu!ddabay
Patty Howell             uunet!alpha.larc.nasa.gov!patty

Sharon A. Baker          uunet!chesapeake.ads.com!sbaker

Margaret Roggie          uunet!CCVM.sunysb.edu!MROGGIE

Petra Turowski           uunet!amherst.edu!PNTUROWSKI
Robin Carrier            uunet!DPW.COM!carrier
Ruth Ann Schmidt         uunet!andrew.cmu.edu!rs57+

George Edgington         uunet!ncrsmg.DaytonOH.NCR.COM!gedgingt
Susan Richardson         uunet!silver.ucs.indiana.edu!glink

Mary Matejka             uunet!devnull.mpd.tandem.com!marym

Teresa Bippert-Plymate   uunet!as.arizona.edu!teresa
Adrienne Regard          uunet!hpsdde.sdd.hp.com!regard
Diane Reichard           uunet!nb.rockwell.com!reichard

Jim Ferris               uunet!EBay.Sun.COM!Jim.Ferris

Kathy Webster Ruiz       uunet!Corp.Sun.COM!Kathy.Webster

Coni Britten             uunet!peri.gvg.tek.com!conib

and finally back to me ...

Hope you folks enjoy!!


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