Fresh Hay MidWinter (Was Hay Hay Hay)

Fresh Hay MidWinter (Was Hay Hay Hay)

Post by Geoff N » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Mary talks about the difficulty in handling round bales ....

We fed round bales one cold winter here in Ontario, Canada
and although they were a pain in the ***to handle, my horses
did quite well on them.  Between the round bales and the
heated troughs, they had a great winter.

The bales we fed were 5' x 5' and it took of us to roll one
out of the hay barn and 100 yards thru the snow to the
paddocks.  We laughed ourselves silly one Saturday morning
when, while half way to the paddock, I glanced over my
shoulder to see a lovely green path thru the snow.  Damn
bale was unrolling like a roll of toilet paper!  My
husband was not impressed when we had to roll the darn
thing back *up* the hill to wind it up again!  He finally
saw the humour once the task was accomplished but grumbled
constantly beforehand while I was in stitches and trying
to keep a straight face.

We got our year's supply of hay in the barn last weekend.
Gorgeous stuff but expensive this year.  Most area farmers
are now baling only round bales and putting in haylage.
Square bales are becoming a rarity and we had to haul ours
about 40 kilometers to our barn.  Not a fun thing to do.

Happy haying everyone!

Deb & the Hayburners