Reader bios

Reader bios

Post by lca.. » Thu, 21 Jan 1993 17:46:22

Hi!  My name is Leigh Casey and I'd hate to get left out on this reader bio
thing.  I'm the Hazardous Materials Coordinator for the Univ. of Toledo.
I live out in the country 40+ miles from Toledo.  I have my horses at home
in the back yard, which is wonderful.

My current horsey inventory consists of a TB broodmare, her 9 month old
filly, (no babies coming this year, sniff...) and 2 and 3 y.o. AQHA
geldings.  I also have 2 horses leased out.  Sue Bishop has my sweet
old saddlebred, Star, and a friend of Sue's has my AQHA mare.

I plan to start the 2 y.o under saddle this spring.  My main goal is to
get the 3 y.o. started in dressage.  I also hope to hit a few QH shows and
start on his hunter under saddle and halter points.

I show hunters and halter horses.  I suppose my biggest achievement was
showing the high point AQHA gelding in Ohio.  I hope my new crop of babies
turn out as well!

I have enjoyed reading all the bios.  What a great idea!

Leigh and the gang