WANTED!Event Horse

WANTED!Event Horse

Post by h.. » Sun, 30 Jan 1994 15:54:27

Hello fellow horse enthusiasts!  I am relatively new to the net so
I'll introduce myself.  I'm Helen from Woodside, CA who loves cross
country jumping and dreams of competing at the intermediate level
or above in 3 day eventing.  I'm currently competing in training level
horse trials on a wonderful but handicapped horse, Jason a 17 hand, 9
year old trakehner with navicular.  Do to the navicular problem, I am
afraid that he will not be able to take the conditioning(galloping)
necessary at higher levels of eventing.  I'm already limited as I try
to minimize the amount of jumping and galloping,  and years have gone
by so I'm looking for a new horse.

I am looking for an experienced, 100% sound, event horse competing at
the intermediate or advanced level who is still fairly young < or = to
10 years.  This horse must be a very good mover, highly skilled in
dressage, being able to move through himself with extended gaits and
collect with plenty of impulsion.  The temperment should be willing
and obedient to produce a winning dressage test and bold and brave to
attack and enjoy the cross country course.  Basically I don't want to be
limited by the horse so I can reach my potential as the best rider I
can be.  One more thing is I prefer a horse with a slightly narrow
barrel as my legs are on the short side.  

Please help me find this horse.  I've been riding off and on for
twenty years, have shown hunters in VA, foxhunted, and have been
trying to progress in horse trials with the goal of 3 day eventing for
5 years now, being plagued by one problem after another.  I am a
talented rider and like everybody deserves to have a nice sound horse.

Helen Jarvis