No NBC Dressage coverage per California Dressage Society Home page

No NBC Dressage coverage per California Dressage Society Home page

Post by Tommy Crocket » Wed, 27 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have reposted this from the CDS homepage with Deborah Kurth's permission:

We have 60 days left to convince NBC to air dressage. Write David Neal at
Marketing often have your friends do it as well. Sorry L.A.H. for any
politics here. This is horsey I think. Surely not as offensive as a
private post about the NEA, but...

I think it's shocking there won't be a triplecast


***********text from CDS homepage follows*********

<font size = 5><b>No Dressage Coverage <br>
for the 1996 Olympic Games ! </b></font><br>
<p><font size = 3>

The 1996 Summer Olympic games are soon to be upon us and NBC has again
purchased the exclusive rights to all United States based Olympic
coverage.  As in the past, the NBC producers have once again considered
equestrian events as a "minor" sport and therefore have no plans to cover
ANY Dressage competitions.<br> Additionally they <B>WILL NOT ALLOW</B> any
third party production companies to video tape the event for future
sale.<br> You will NEVER be able to see this competition unless NBC
decides to produce an Equestrian tape or you go to the games !<p> <b>You
can make a difference</b>....tell NBC there is an audience for the
Dressage Event and why you want it!!<br> Every one letter that NBC
recieves is considered to represent 10,000 viewers.<p> E-mail the
coordinating producer of the Olympics: <A

to include your name, address and e-mail account in the letter!  Your name

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