Show brag...and a big HI, YA'LL!!!

Show brag...and a big HI, YA'LL!!!

Post by Megan Antijun » Wed, 12 May 1993 04:08:19

The Pinto Show, our FIRST Pinto show, in Albany, Oregon, was a big
success, to say the least!  The classes were huge, the days were
long, but Hank was awesome and it was worth every penny!  Saturdays
classes didn't get finished until shortly before MIDNIGHT!  My last
class was 10:30!  What a long day!  Yesterday, we were done by around
5ish, but that left packing, a 2 hour trip home, and then unloading.
Got done around 10:00 last night, then had to be to work at 6 a.m.
this morning!  I've got some sleep to catch up on tonight, HOPEFULLY!

So, here's our results...not bad, considering we've both not shown
since early March due to an illness I've aquired, but is now under
control and I'm feeling pretty much like my old self again...


Disciplined Rail  under 4 judges  one 1st, one 2nd, one 4th
English Pleasure  "            "  one 1st, two 2nds, one 4th
English Pleasure Amatuer "     "  one 6th
Showmanship, Western "         "  three 2nds, one 3rd
Showmanship, English "         "  one 4th
English Eq        "            "  two 6ths


Disciplined Rail  under 4 judges  one 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd, one 4th
Western Pleasure  "            "  one 2nd, two 3rds, one 6th
Western Pleasure, Amatuer "    "  one 6th
Western Eq        "            "  one 4th, two 6ths

The only classes that were Novice Amatuer where the Disciplined
Rail classes, the one that just says "English Pleasure", and
the "Showmanship Western" and "Western Pleasure".  All the rest
were either just Amatuer (which is a more highly trained person
or horse crowd), or Open.  We did very well in the Novice Amatuer
classes, and I felt very proud, and told I should be, that I placed
in the Amatuer classes AT ALL!  Hank was very, very good.  I also
got some reserves in there, but I can't remember where!  It was
a wonderful weekend for Hank and I!  And what a way to start out
at our very first Pinto show, too!

Well, there you have it.  The next Pinto show we may attend will
be in July and/or August.  Until then, we will be doing lots of
open shows once again, now that I am feeling very well, finally!

Megan and High Action Hank, APHA, PtHA, THE WONDER HORSE!!!