Reader Bios

Reader Bios

Post by Warner Grana » Thu, 21 Jan 1993 03:36:48

Why does this feel intimidating?  Oh well, I am Warner Granade and
am a librarian at the University of ***ia.  I try to ride once
a year whether I need to or not (still waiting for the right day
this year). I competed a few times with my wife's Prelim horse and
club horses at the Univ of Tenn.  When we were eliminated for
exiting the arena (with me*** under the horse's neck), I retired
from eventing and just stick to grooming for my wife (Nancy Covert
who won training and novice championships this past fall). I'm the
driver, cameraman, boot polisher, tack cleaner, rule keeper(I try
to keep her from getting eliminated for things like carrying her
whip into dressage), timer, etc.
   We have 5 horses--Bombadil, intermediate level;Know Me, going
prelim this spring; Elohssa (spell that backwards to see where his
name came from), my horse and a wonderful foxhunter who is on loan
to a friend (I follow the hunt on foot); Playboy, retired prelim
horse who is also on loan to a friend; and Ben, a recent acquisition
who is learning fast.  My wife is a trainer and I clean two or three
stalls every morning--division of labor. We also have two head of dog
and two head of cat and a small flock of sheep. I have yet to
become a dressage snob, but annoy my wife by name dropping. When I
go home at night, she asks "what's new on the net today?" Thanks
everyone for making this a great newsgroup.


Reader Bios

Post by <G.. » Thu, 21 Jan 1993 19:48:06

This was a great idea!  I've enjoyed reading the Bios.

My name is Gina M. Giansante, and I grew up on the (mostly bare) back of horses
(I can't think of a better way to grow up).  I'm 25 and I work for Penn State
Univ. in the Tranpsortation Institute's library (thus my access to the net).
I also have a "horsesitting" service which helps finance my horse habit.  I go
to classes part time (psychology).  I intend to start making my photography
habit pay the bills by starting an animal photography business (too bad I can't
make the horse habit for itself ;-)  I volunteer my time as a 4-H leader
(horses, of course, of course), I'm also the vice president of the Central PA
Horseman's Assoc. (I'm not even sure how I got talked into that one :-) )
There's also a dressage club forming in the area (central PA, if anyone's
interested e-mail me).

I started riding when I was 9. Got my first horse named Trigger (just guess
what color he was :-) ) when I was ten.  We were inseparateble until college
when I was forced to sell him.  I started riding western and quickly changed
to hunt/jump.  I got most of my showing experience by "catch riding" any horse
that needed a rider. (my allowance couldn't afford to finance the showing of
Trigger other than the usual 4-H shows each year).

About 3 years ago I bought a 9 yr old Morab named CV Demaus (aka ***, and
it fits).  I bought him as a hunt seat trail horse but realized he had show
potential.  After the first year of Okay,but not stellar,placings in the local
open shows as a hunter we decided to go with the flow and try saddle seat.
Demaus and I have found our calling.  He's done wonderful as a saddle horse.
This summer we're are going to try our luck at some A-rated Arab shows, as well
as the local shows, and I think we're going to try our hand at Competitive
trail as well.  I also have a Purebred Arab named Sunkist's Nozulk (aka Alpo)
Which my mother actually owns and pays the board for but never rides.  So I
consider him mine.  He's really not as exciting as Demaus so I won't go into
detail about what he does.  Both of them are boarded at a local stable in my
home town of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Sorry I'm so long winded but once I get started about my horses, I have a hard
time shutting-up.

It's nice to finally meet all of you.

--Gina M. Giansante
--Demaus and Nozulk