Another Bio

Another Bio

Post by sallie j kud » Sun, 24 Jan 1993 05:10:10

Hi, thought I'd get in on this biography wing-ding.  I'm Sallie Kudra and I'm
a programmer/analyst for Clemson University in Clemson, SC.  

I've been horse crazy as long as I can remember and I turn 40 tomorrow.  I
distinctly remember going to a carnival when I was around 3 or 4 and riding
on the pony ride.  I cried and pitched a fit when the ride was over because
I thought the pony would go with me when I left.  Every Christmas I would ask
Santa for a pony to be tied under the cedar tree in our city neighborhood in
Columbia.  Alas, I was always disappointed.  Never could convince my mother
that we could keep it in the ba***t!

Well, at the ripe old age of 13, I begged for about the 10 thousandth time to
have a horse.  My father had bought a 166 acre farm about 20 miles from Colum-
bia in a little town called Gaston.  Mama said that if Daddy would keep it on
the farm, she would buy me a horse.  Telephones were not built to be dialed at
warp speed which is what I did in calling my father.  I had found and Chieftan
was bought within 10 days.  He was a 7 yo grade gelding that at one time must
have been used as a reining horse.  If your leg came over his back in a dis-
mount move, he'd stop on a dime.  I was green and convinced nothing could ever
hurt me, so I feel God put my guardian angel into gear to find Chieftan for me.
When I left for college at 17, I gave him to my younger sister.

I haven't had my own horse since then, but have two friends who have 3 Morgans.
Lynn says that Aries aka Piggy aka Pig Monster aka Miss Piggy aka Monster is
mine.  Lynn just owns her.  Lynn and I are NATRC members in Region 5 (which is
essentially all of the US east of the Mississippi River and parts of Canada)
and have been competing in competetive trail rides for a little over a year.
Aries is an absolute dream to compete on.  She is steady and for the most
part stable with usually impeccable manners (she can get b*tchy, but what mare
can't?).  Aries and I competed for the first time last July and she proved
what a trooper she is.  The vet at the ride told us she was 20+.  We thought
he was kidding, but he wasn't. Hmmmm, this is beginning to sound like Pig's
bio and not mine.

My husband and I bought a house with 7.69 acres almost 4 years ago.  The acreage
includes a beautiful pasture which I hope to get fenced before long.  We have
been trying to get the grass in better shape than it was when we bought the
place.  Kinda hard when you don't have a tractor.  Once it's fenced and we
get a least a run-in shed built, I hope to be able to find the Morgan of my
dreams, preferably of Whipporwill Duke or Applevale Boy King lines.  My husband
loves horses as well, but has bad back problems and hasn't ridden in years.
Maybe we can find him a Missouri Foxtrotter that won't cause him problems.

I have ridden western, English and bareback, but tend to compete in English
gear using a mechanical hack (Pig much prefers a hack to a bit and I can't
say that I blame her at all!).  Nothing compares to bareback riding though
English comes closest for me.

Have to get back to work now.  Hi to the folks I see on Equine-L and to
all the folks I see here in r.e.

Sallie Kudra, owned and operated by Arielle, Melanie and Cali (felines)

 You may be right, I may be crazy                 | Sallie Kudra



Another Bio

Post by Jan Whitmor » Wed, 27 Jan 1993 06:58:44


   I'm Jan Whitmore.  I live in Sherwood, Oregon and work at Intel in
Aloha, Oregon  as a mask designer (layout of integrated circuits). I sent
some information to Brandy already, but I'm not sure if it got thru, since
I do not post to any of the nets. I just read them.
   I, too, drove my parents crazy begging for a horse until I was 12.
My dad said if I wanted a horse, I would have to take care of it and
and use my berry picking money to buy it myself. That was fine with
me. I have had horses most of the time since then. I had bad luck
with the first few horses. The first one died of old age after about
a month. (I learned a lot in that month.) The second one had been in
one too many parades and got still in the front legs. The third one
was skin and bones when we got her. I believe this early malnutrition
caused her to go blind at age 8. I finally ran out of bad luck. I have
had several horses since with no problems.
   Currently, I am raising black and white pintos. It all started
when my son fell in love with a 3-in-one package called a pregnant
black and white pinto mare with a return breeding. The first two
babies are double registered pinto and half-Arab. Last year's baby
is by a paint. So far all have been black and white. This year, we
are expecting two babies. One from the original mare and one from
the first baby who will be four this year.
   Pinto mare - Ondines Tehama - barn name Panda - pregnant
       bred to Paint an Empire - b/w paint
   1st baby - Tehamas Magic Fire - barn name Magic - half Arab pinto 4 yo
       looks like an Arab with 50-50 black and white markings,
       black head with white star in middle of forehead
       Pregnant - Bred to Paint an Empire - b/w paint
   2nd baby - Tehamas Oreo Cookie - barn name Oreo - half Arab pinto 3 yo
       Front fourth black, back half black with a white circle around
       her withers - kind of like and oreo cookie
   3rd baby - Tehamas Iron Gypsy - barn name Gypsy - half paint (quarter
       horse) picture a white horse with black flank spots and a black
       mask with a white blaze - yearling - sire is Kenos Iron Horse
       She has been shown twice and is currently for sale.
   We also have two quarter horses (Slide and Humble) and an Arab (Rocky)
      that we ride. In the summer I use Slide for team penning. Occasionally,
      my son (Eric 17 yo) and daughter (Tiffany 19 yo) ride. In Dec.
      Tiffany went into the Air Force, so now its just Eric and me.
I plan on selling the two babies this year and the yearling, Gypsy.
Also I think Magic would be great in Pinto shows, when she gets trained,
after her baby, this May.
Sorry it got so long - I don't know where to stop
      Business name is JTE and Company - for Jan, Tiff, Eric and everyone