How good is riding as exercise?

How good is riding as exercise?

Post by Rachel Am » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 04:15:52

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>I'm reminded of a few things here:  I read in a book that gave a
>comparative analysis (in units called 'aerobic points') of several
>different kinds of exercise that someone had asked the author "How many
>'aerobic points' do I get for riding?"  The author replied:  "None, but
>give the horse a bunch!"  This same sentiment was echoed at a health
>seminar I attended a few weeks ago.  In the magazine Practical Horseman,
>even George Morris (a well-known USA jumper trainer) said something
>along the lines of "riding alone probably isn't enough exercise to keep
>yourself fit."
>--David Zuckman (basically happy guy) & Gin-Gin (surly TB mare)

I run, bike, swim, and ski a lot and I've come to the conclusion
that riding a horse for about 40 minutes is about like running a
mile, riding a bike 4 miles, swimming 400 yards, or hiking 20 minutes.  
The other stuff (cleaning,mucking and stuff) are a lot more, but
who's counting?

--Rachel and Indigo (who thinks that 40 minutes is like running
a marathon!)