Vaccinations and Founder: was Founder - Any advice? (long)

Vaccinations and Founder: was Founder - Any advice? (long)

Post by Nakeeg » Thu, 02 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I wrote (as part of a response to another question):

>My mare had a horrible vaccination reaction a couple of years ago (fully

recovered now).  She did not founder; it was more of a localized reaction.  My
insurance company told me that this is not the usual type of reaction to
vaccination that they see:  usually they see FOUNDER and often ON ALL FOUR
FEET.  And they get these claims on very fit horses, too. <

Then another poster wrote/asked:

>Last fall, my very fit, young, healthy mare had a laminitis attact on all
>four feet.  Four other horses at my boarding stable had similar problems.
>We never did find our what caused these problems!  The stable owners had the
>water, grain, hay and bedding tested (no problems).  We thought it might
>have been the fly spray system, which sprays repellent from a system in the
>ceiling on a timer.  They took that out.  They also cleared the barn and
>power washed the whole darn thing.  There haven't been any more problems.

>But now you've got me thinking it was a reaction to a vaccine?  What type of
>vaccine caused your problems?  Maybe we should be looking into that.

To be clear, my mare didn't founder (her reaction was localized), but I was
passing on info from my insurance company...they said the flu/rhino vaccine is
most often the culprit.  I asked if there was a specific brand/manufacterer
whose vaccine causes most of the reactions, and I was told something like 'no,
or at least it doesn't seem so.'  

I have heard a number of stories about vaccinations causing founder on all four
feet, but it is always secondhand my friend's farrier, or whatever...
I don't have direct stories.  I see that another poster may have had such an
experience (I'm not familiar with the story, sorry, I'm on and off this ng).
If anyone has experience with this, we sure would like to hear about it.

But, regarding the above question, you said that the stable owner had the
bedding tested...but my first reaction when I read your post was to look to the
shavings, I think it's black walnut (?) that causes founder?? Was this tested?

Nancy K.