FS:Black Western Show Saddle

FS:Black Western Show Saddle

Post by Corey Lee Bish » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: For Sale:Black Western Show Saddle. 15" suede seat. partially fl***tooled,
: smooth jockeys and fenders, natural rawhide horn. loaded with silver-has 3
: sets of corner plates(2 rear,1 front), conchos, flank plugs, cantle
: plate, and horn cap. silver laced pommel and cantle. new condition, complete
: with cinch, pad, and cover. $600 firm plus shipping.

Just curious but don't know of any major saddle makers who make BLACK
show saddles.  What is name of maker?


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FS:Black Western Show Saddle

Post by Erin K Cloher » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi Sue-
This saddle is made by American Saddlery, a division of Foxwood, which is a
division of Eiser's. I also own a black Bona Allen. I believe Foxwood/Eiser's
just bought Bona Allen recently. Black western tack is very popular here in
New England for saddlebreds and arabs. I show a stock type Pinto on the NE
Pinto circuit with black tack, and we're #1 Novice Amateur and #3 Amateur,
so I can't say the judges don't like it. I specifically purchased the black
American saddle for my all white horse, I have pale skin, blue eyes, and
near black hair, my outfits are based on black and blue themes, and the total
effect is quite striking. I had Dale Chavez in CA custom make me a matching
headstall, reins, and ***plate with the rawhide and silver ferrules and
horsehair tassels, so we are very current in style, just not color. I'm
selling the American because I came across the Bona Allen used, all
broken in, reasonably priced, and I don't need two black westerns to show in.
The American is still brand new, and as I ride/show huntseat and
stockseat, and trail ride in a synthetic dressage, I won't ride in it enough
to break it in by just showing in it. It's gorgeous though. Well, I've gone
on long enough, see you! erin

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