Rec Equ RULES & Jim

Rec Equ RULES & Jim

Post by Shayne Goodw » Sat, 28 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Dianne here from Down Under(which puts me a day in front of most of you.)
I have joined in late and therefore have only suffered a few of
"Jimbo's" posts.Posters of Rec. Equestrian , some one touched on it
earlier ,saying that "Jimbo" should be ignored.So lets just do it,
treat it almost like a game.See who can hold out the longest among
us!Who can with stand the urge to reply to his ridiculous , and often
personal posts, who can ignore his childish taunts.
Okay , I agree, when its raining or I'm bored witless(thats W Jim) I
find the urge to  post a "I hate Jim message". But from the way he is
replying to these posts he is really getting off on it!So no more!
When I am bored I will clean my saddlery, When I am angry I will  do
the stables ,when I am bored I will clean the house- but I will not
provide entertainment to such a sorry individual (who seems bent on
spoiling rec. equ. for everyone else)After all the posts this guy
still hangs around! Why? We've tried telling him but its useless.
Lets ignore him.
Sheila you carmudg- whatever, take up the call.Punish those who break
the rec. rules by posting to this pig! I charge you with this
responsibility(best *** for the job)       Dianne
   United we stand....and all that crap!    BPtopGGs
Using my friends(yes I have some Jim) Modem Today!

Rec Equ RULES & Jim

Post by Priscilla Dan » Sat, 28 Oct 1995 04:00:00


>Subject: Rec Equ RULES & Jim
>Date: 27 Oct 95 04:56:52 -0700
>Dianne here
>Using my friends(yes I have some Jim) Modem Today!

Careful, almost slipped there.

I've actually come to the conclusion that Jim is a clever troller.  And that
we should move on.  There's enough good/amusing/informative stuff here.



Rec Equ RULES & Jim

Post by Clare E. Aukof » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Dianne, I will happily help enforce, but I think everybody
already knows the penalty for responding to mr. nobody--more
stuff from him...

Oh, and I think the phrase you were looking for was
"curmudgeonous ***."  (you're welcome, Sheila.)  However, it
is the oft maligned and unofficial policy of rec eq that people
should be able to say whatever they want, so if somebody
actually wants to keep doing the thing, they should be able
to.  I just don't think anybody wants to anymore, so that
should be enough.

Well, I've been a day ahead--then I end up a year behind...