news brief for Hunter <g>

news brief for Hunter <g>

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Berkshire  england

Youngsters help save riding pony Dec 22 2004

By Sarah Tetteh

A PAIR of young horse riders helped save the life of a pony that had
broken its leg.

Warfield Primary School pupils Elizabeth Butcher and Kathryn Best ride
at Glennifer stables, Maidenhead, and were devastated after Minnie, the
pony they learned to ride on broke her leg after a fall.

It was her second injury of the year and they feared the 12-year-old
pony would have to be put down if she was badly hurt.

The Year 6 pupils at the All Saint's Rise school told their headteacher
Andrea Griffiths they wanted to raise money to help pay for the vet's

They did some quick thinking and after their nativities held a
collection over two days.

Generous family and friends donated a total of 200 for the much-loved

A delighted Mrs Griffiths said: "I was impressed. We are proud of not
only the academic work of our children but they are kind and
thoughtful. They came to me and were very concerned - it was our own
Christmas stable story."

Carol Pierson, of the riding school said: "It's lovely that they have
done this. They both ride here and they all learned to ride on Minnie.
If her leg was too badly broken she would have had to be put down so
luckily it wasn't that bad. We don't know how much her treatment will
cost - it is in stages but this is a great help."


news brief for Hunter <g>

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>Youngsters help save riding pony Dec 22 2004

Finally........ <g>

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting
"...holy shit...what a ride!"