Mr. Jim *Radio*

Mr. Jim *Radio*

Post by MacBeth1 » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

>I have never claimed to being a three day event rider.

Who said that you did? It's painfully obvious that you aren't.

> Just a three day eventing Americans do poorly

Would you like to reconsider making this point? If not, are you prepared
to back this statement up with evidence other than some nonsense about
Americans having no leg?!!

>As you're probably aware, in their gossip..great show jumpers and great
>dressage riders..don't think much of three day riders.   Of course,
>day riders think they are the best...

No Jim, I wasn't aware. IMO it is gossipers such as yourself that
perpetuate these rumors. I believe that for the most part there is mutual
respect between the riders of different disciplines.

>However,  why are their so few three day eventers who have excelled at
>dressage and show jumping?

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but didn't Reiner Klimke used to be an eventer?
You would have to agree that he has most certainly excelled in dressage.

>The answer is obvious..everyone thinks their sport is the only sport

Jim, how can you make such a broad all-inclusive statement?! Come on:
EVERYONE????? Don't you think it's possible for an individual to be
dedicated to a specific sport, yet can still follow and have a high
appreciation of the sports of others? I really think you need to re-read
and think about your comments before you post them before a group as
diverse as rec.eq. But maybe this is just the way some radio people are.
Perhaps you are trying to become the Rush Limbaugh of rec.eq. Better yet,
perhaps you *are* Rush and are trying to stir things up here.  ;-) But, oh
yeah, you did post that bio....hmmmm.

>Regarding international competition...I will attempt to get the record.

If you are refering to 3-day international competition, let's see, I've
got the records through 1984 right here. Without getting too specific,
I'll leave out the names and just concentrate on medals: 1924 Olympics,
individual bronze; 1932 Olympics, team gold, ind. silver; 1936 Olympics,
ind. silver; 1948 Olympics, team gold, ind. silver; 1952 Olympics, team
bronze; 1964 Olympics, team silver; 1968 Olympics, ind. bronze, team
silver; 1970 World Championships, ind. bronze; 1972 Olympics, team silver;
1974 World Champ., team gold, ind. gold, ind. silver; 1976 Olympics, team
gold, ind. gold, ind. silver;1978 World Champ., team bronze, ind. gold;
1980 Alternative to Olympics, ind. silver, ind. bronze; 1982 World Champ.,
team bronze, ind. bronze; 1984 Olympics, team gold, ind. silver;

I think the successes listed above in combination with the U.S.'s more
recent international successes posted earlier by someone else clearly
refute your statement that "in eventing Americans do poorly." Do you

Beth Hoeppner (the "crazy cross country rider")
South Hadley, MA