Writers' Handbook [Version 1.0]

Writers' Handbook [Version 1.0]

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Welcome everyone to the Card Writers' Handbook.  This Handbook is strictly for
the card writers, and it's to tell them what to do, when to do it, and how to
do it.

1. About the EMWA

2. Cards
   A. Tuesday Terror
   B. Saturday Night Live
   C. PPVs

3. Announcers
   A. 'Furious' Freddy Jenkins
   B. Tommy 'The Tiger' Sessons
   C. Steve Benoit
   D. 'Confident' Lawrence Williams

4. Our Writing Style
   A. ABS, and what it is
   B. Other necassaties

5. Extras

6. Closing

1. About the EMWA

   The EMWA, first off, stands for the E-Mail Wrestling Association. We're
   a fantasy wrestler federation, and we book our matches (That's what we
   need you).  The E-Mail Wrestling Association begins competition on
   June 13th, 1998.

   The EMWA is_not_a *** league.  Do not include ***, beer drinking,
   powerbombing into first row of seats, or spiked piledrivers on a bed of
   nails in the matches, unless otherwise stated.  The EMWA is a very
   classic league, so use many moves in the matches.  You must have a deep
   wrestling move vocabulary, in able to write for the EMWA.

   The EMWA wants a sense of realism in its matches.  For instance, in
   most professional matches, the momentum changes hand when a wrestler
   attempts a back body drop, and the other wrestler nails him with a
   swinging neckbreaker, or something of that nature.  You also have a
   momentum change when a wrestler is thrown into the corner, and he's
   able to get the foot up, nail the wrestler with a back elbow, or simply
   move out of the way to get the upperhand.  Please don't have a wrestler
   just get DDTed and Powerbomb, and then get up and brush it off as if
   he were Goldberg.

   These are a few things things to help you when writing matches for the
   E-Mail Wrestling Association.  I hope you have fun reading the rest of
   this handbook.

2. Cards

   The EMWA has two cards a week, and a PPV every other month.  The two
   weekly cards are Saturday Night Live, and Tuesday Terror.  My best
   writers will be writing for Saturday Night Live, while my "other"
   writers will be working on Tuesday Terror.

   A. Tuesday Terror

      Tuesday Terror is the Superstars ? of the EMWA.  This card will
      have around 4-5 "taped" matches, or summarized matches, and 1
      live, play-by-play match.  The main event of the card will usually
      be two feuders who aren't "over" enough to sell tickets for Saturday
      Night Live.

      I will be writing the play-by-play match for Tuesday Terror.  I
      expect for one writer to be able to write 2_detailed_summarized
      matches in one day.  I will give out the winners of Sunday Night,
      and I_need_the summaries by Tuesday afternoon.

      The announcers for Tuesday Terror are Steve Benoit and Tommy
      "The Tiger" Sessons.

   B. Saturday Night Live

      Saturday Night Live is the RAW IS WAR ? of the EMWA.  This card will
      have around 4-6 play-by-play matches, and a few dark matches, or
      matches that just have results.  The main event of the card will
      usually be two feuders who are "over" enough to sell tickets for
      the card, or a major title match.

      More than likely, I will be writing the main event of the card.  I
      expect 1 writer to be able to write a maximum of 2 matches, with 2
      days to write them.  Most of the time I won't ask you to do more
      than 1, but sometimes I might need you to do 2.  The matches must
      be detailed, and unless I say so, no matches may be under the 7 k

      The announcers for Saturday Night Live are Tommy "The Tiger" Sessons
      and 'Furious' Freddy Jenkins.

   C. PPVs

      The EMWA has 6 PPVs a year, or one every other month.  The PPV is
      where the writers should give their best work.  Only the best
      writers are allowed on the PPV, and all matches must be detailed,
      and in correct format.

      The PPVs are the big cards of the EMWA.  This card will have anywhere
      from 6-12 live, play-by-play matches on it.  There will be no dark
      matches, and no summarized matches.  This is where the EMWA will go
      all out, and nothing will stop us.

      I will be writing 3-4 matches, and I expect each writer to be able
      to write a minimum of 2 matches.  You will get a 4 day advance to
      write the matches, and all matches will have to be 15 k or more!
      This is why I'm giving you a 4 day advance on writing the matches.

      The announcers for the PPV will be Tommy "The Tiger" Sessons,
      'Confident' Lawrence Williams, and 'Furious' Freddy Jenkins.

3. Announcers

   The announcers of the EMWA play an important role of the card.  The
   announcers can add heat, humor, and sometimes confusion.  But the main
   thing that you must remember when writing the announcers, is the
   orientation.  Don't have the heel announcer giving the phone number for
   the local charity event.  And don't have the face announcer swearing
   out the annoying fan behind him.  Stay inside the character, and
   everything else has already been worked out.

   A. 'Furious' Freddy Jenkins
      Jenkins' orientation is without a doubt, heel.  He has the loudest
      mouth, and he has an opinion on everything.  If he has something to
      say, he's going to say it.  Freddy is a black rights activist, so
      he questions a lot of things.  From why the ropes around the ring
      are red, white, and blue, and not red, black, and blue, to why he
      doesn't get to announce for Tuesday Terror.  Have fun writing with
      Freddy, it'll be a blast.

      Freddy usually wears khaki pants, and loose fitted shirts.  He doesn't
      wear leather pants, and sure as hell doesn't like dressing up.  But
      he dresses casually.  

   B. Tommy 'The Tiger' Sessons
      Sessons' orientation is easily, face.  He doesn't speak up on things,
      but he's quick to defend a face wrestler.  Freddy sees the positive
      side of everything, and takes everything as if it could be worse.
      Tommy will never say somebody can't wrestle, so don't have him
      "dissing" anybody.

      Tommy is the dressy of the 4 announcers.  He usually wears sport
      jackets, and black or blue slacks.  He always wears dress shoes, and
      rarely does he_not_have on a tie.  He dresses up as if he has an
      important meeting to go to...everyday.

   C. Steve Benoit

      The mystery behind Steve Benoit's orientation remains.  We don't know
      what he is.  Benoit is relatively new to the EMWA's staff, and no one
      really knows his function.  We do know that he's very tempestuous
      some days, and calm and mellow the next day.  He can rip a wrestler's
      feelings aparts one week, but the next week he gives him flowers.
      Benoit is dead serious about everything he says, so don't have him
      laughing or joking around.

      Benoit is the biker of the group.  He wears the tight Levis blue jeans
      and the black leather jacket.  He has on the black sunglasses, and a
      thick black beard, that looks_very_rough.  He has long, greasy black
      hair that he usually slicks back into a pony tail.  He usually has
      a few strands of hair curling down past his ears.  He's a cross of
      Razor Ramon and the DoA.

   D. 'Confident' Lawrence Williams

      Lawrence, too, doesn't really have a true orientation, but we do know
      that he likes all wrestlers that can get it done in the ring, and the
      wrestlers that are outcasts.  Lawrence also sees the light side of
      things, but will snap on you if you get him mad.  Having him being
      very sarcastic, joking around at the PPVs.

4. Our Writing Style

   The EMWA has a definite writing style.  All writers will be expected to
   learn it, and pretty much darn near perfect it.  If you don't do a match
   in the standard of the EMWA, it will not be excepted -- at all!

   A. ABS, and what it is

      To this day, and probaly for the rest of my life, I do not know what
      ABS stands for.  Maybe Action in Brackets System.  Well, if you still
      don't know what ABS stands for after my definition of it, here's what
      it is.

      ABS style means that you put all the wrestling action in brackets.
      That means you do a series of moves enclosed in brackets ([]), and
      then stop every so often, to get a word in from the commentators.
      Here's an example.

[Billy Bob Joe stands Steven up, and wraps him up in a waist lock.  He now
takes him over with a german release suplex!  Big Pop.  Billy Bob Joe gets up,
and stands Steve up again, and now whips him into the ropes.  Steven comes off
the rebound, and Joe nails him with a big powerslam...]

TS: Man, what a combination of moves that Billy Bob Joe just nailed Steven
    with.  I don't believe that Steve is still able to stand.  If I got
    nailed with all them moves, that fast, I'd probaly die.

FJ: Of course you'd die.  You're one of the weakest people I've ever seen.
    I know I wouldn't die.  I'm naturally built to endure moves like that.
    I'd tear Billy Bob Joe apart.

[Billy Bob Joe stands Steven up again, and puts him in a standing head
scissors, and puts his arms apart, signaling for a powerbomb.  He lifts Steven
up, and drops him down on his upperback and lower neck, flattening him like a
flap jack...more than likely ending the match.  Joe walks on his knees towards
Steven, and puts two hands on Steven's stomach, and the ref counts...]

Ref: 1


TS: 3!  What a showing there by Billy Bob Joe.  I'm so happy for him.  His
    first win in one hundred and twenty-four tries.  His mother is probaly
    at home crying her eyes out!

FJ: No, I'll tell ya' what his mother is probaly doing.  His mother is
    probaly at home, having an affair with a younger man.  But nobody
    cares, and you want to know why, Tommy?

TS: Let me guess -- because she's white?

FJ: That's exactly right.  I'm so sick of living in this rascist America.

TS: Then leave, Freddy.

FJ: No, that's okay.  Um, I've got too many memories here.  Anyways, let's
    talk about something else, eh?

      That's what I want when I say ABS style.  Action in Brackets System.
      I'm liking that definition.  Now, let's talk about some other
      features that are necassary for reaching the standard of EMWA

   B. Other necassaties

      Okay, so you know how to write in ABS style.  Well, that's not all.
      You also have to do some other things before you've reached the
      standard of EMWA writing.  Here they are:

      * You must write your matches with Notepad.

      * You must maximize your Notepad viewing screen when writing.  If you
        don't have Notepad, use Wordpad, and use the font Courier New, and
        have the size at 10.  If you don't have Windows, and you can't use
        a true type font, use the font Courier, not Courier New, at the
        same size.  If you don't have either, you're short.

      * You must stop a few spaces_before_the end of a line.  Here's an

Instead of writing a sentence all the way out to the end of a line like this.

You're supposed to write a sentence stopping a few spaces before the end
of a line like this.  This is for when I post the cards on the RSPWF.

      * When writing the commentary, you must write the announcer's first
        and last name intials, followed by a colon and a space.  If you
        end up going on to another line with the commentary, you must
        space so that the first letter is lined up with the first letter
        of the above line.  Here's an example:

TS: Instead of commentary like this, where I reach the end of the line, and
then I just keep on writing...

TS: I want the commentary like this, where I reach the end of the line, and
    I space it so that the first letters of both lines are lined up evenly,
    and so on! (NOTE: This only works with the courier new font!)

5. Extras

   Of course, this is not_all_that makes you a great writer.  There are
   other things that great writers add on that make them the great writers
   they are.  Things like:

   * Crowd interaction

     Make the crowd participate, dagnummit.  Write "Big Pop" when a big move
     is executed, or a wrestler does something that the fans like, or
     dislike.  Have the crowd chant, "BOBBY SUCKS" during the match.  Don't
     have a dull crowd during your matches.

   Now since I want you guys to become great writers, I'm not going to list
   the rest of possible extras that could be used.  Please include some
   extras in your matches, and help make the EMWA become the best that it
   can be!

6. Closing

   In closing, I want to wish you a good luck in your hopefully successful
   writing career with the E-Mail Wrestling Association.  I hope you
   actually read this, and didn't just skim over it, thinking you knew how
   to write a match.

   After reading this, you're still interested, please e-mail me at:

   If you haven't written a match before, or you don't have a sample with
   you, I'll put you on the rookie squad.  The rookie squad is filled with
   commercial writers. =D

Your President
-Daniel Rushing

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