God's Justice Role-Play{Critique Please}

God's Justice Role-Play{Critique Please}

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Greetings RSPWF,

Below is a role-play from God's Justice, please tell me what you think of it.
If you wish to recruit, then FORGET IT! I have no wish to be rude, but I am
in enough federations to last me a life-time, so this is just 1 Post, so I
don't want ANY RECRUIT letters as I just don't have the time  for any more
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God's Justice
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"The Bard" Johnathan Shakespeare
[Scene: The cameras just fade outwards as God's Justice
spectacular 3-D display, just flashes past the screen.]

      ____  ____   ____   _  ________
     / __/ /__  / / _  \ /_/ \  _____\
    / / _ // / / / / \  \     \ \
   / /_////_/ / / /__/  /      \ \____
  /____//____/ /_______/        \____ \
                                     \ \
                                 _____\ \

                        _______           __
  _________  __    __  / _____/________  /_/ ____   ______
 /___  ___/ / /   / / //      /__   __/ __  / ___/ /  ____/
    / /    / /   / / //_____     / /   / / / /    /  /___
   / /    / /___/ / /____  /    / /   / / / /    /   ___/
 _/ /    /       / _____/ /    / /   / / / /__  /   /___
\__/    /_______/ /______/    /_/   /_/ /_____//_______/

              "JUSTICE IS SALVATION"

[The display then fades out as God's Justice are then seen entering The
Church Of Salvation. Harmonious notes are then heard as the cameras just
follow God's Justice into the church. The golden alter is then seen as
the camera takes a closer look. On the alter is a golden lampstand and
a silver Lords Supper serving plate. The cameras then begin to pan out
as the soft footsteps of somebody walking across the aisles of the
Church can then just be made out.]

[Appearance: As the cameras then just pan in, they then spot a member
of the Cloth. The Father is wearing a black vestment, a pair of white
trousers and a pair of black dress shoes. The father then turns to the
cameras. He has short black hair, sparkling blue eyes and he wears a
distinctive cross around his neck. The Father then just walks up to the
Alter and then just bows down before a statue. He then mimes a few
words, but the camera is to far away to hear them. The Father then just
proceeds to cup his hands in Prayer, the scene then goes silent.]

[Great Jackson and Crusader Richard Justice, then softly not disturbing
the Father, just slolwy walk up the ailse. They then turn around and
then a beam of radient light comes down from the stain glassed window,
which has a picture of Jesus Ascension on. God's Justice then just wait
for the Father to finish.]

[Appearance: The cameras then fade in a little on God's Justice, they
can be seen wearing black leather jackets with a golden cross on the
back with the slogan which reads "JUSTICE IS SALVATION!" The cameras
then fade in for a few more seconds, they then make out that God's
Justice look worried  about something. The cameras then proceed outwards
as the Father then just steps foreward. His soft, yet hallow voice then
being heard.]

FMO: "Childen, children, what do I owe this call?"

[Great Jackson then just stares and then with a humble voice
begins to speak.]

GJ:  "Father, it seems, that we keep failing. No matter what happens,
all we do is fail. We are the Justice of the Lord, he does guide us on
our path to Justice. But what ae we doing wrong?"


CRJ: "Father, I admit. We let our guards down with Cold Justice, and we
paid the price dearly. But now we have a chance again to show the world
why Justice is the way. What is there we can do next Father?"

[Father Mike Obrian then just nods his head.]

FMO: "Well my children, all you do now shall be rewarded for when the
last days do draw close. What you shall have to do know is be alert
to all things and at all times. Not letting your guard down whatsoever,
for as he calls you closer, you shall smite those who he will not touch,
for they will know why Justice, God's Justice is the way.."

[Great Jackson then just sighs.]

GJ: "Yes Father. We know that, but all we hear now, is that God is a
figment of the weak at heart. He is a worthless being that lives in the
Sky. How can men be allowed to get away with such falsehoods. Surely
there is something that can be done..

CRJ: "Yes, there is. And it starts this week. You see letting our guard
down with Cold Justice taught us a valuable lessson and that lesson is
spoken of in the Word of the Lord.

    "But there were false Prophets even among the people,
     even as there shall be false teachers among you, who
     privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying
     the LORD that brought them, and bring upon themselves
     swift destruction(II Peter 2:1)."

So Sherlock Shiznit and the Funky Bunch, you can deny the Father
for all you want. But as the WORD says, you shall bring about your
own destruction. For come February 28th, you shalt know what the
Lord God hath spoken, for Justice is coming, our Justice, God's

[Crusader Richard Justice then turns towards Father Mike Obrian.]

FMO: "Crusader. I see that, you don't need my help aftr all. For stick
to the path which you have been told to go onto and then all shall
be yours. The Kingdom of Heaven shall be yours and you and I shall
live for the rest of eternity. And as for the wicked, their triumphant
reign shall soon come to an end."

GJ: "Thus Sherlock and Funky Bunch, don't estimate what will happen
until it happens. We let it happen once, we shall not fail GOD again!
Sherlock and Funky Bunch, think of our match as a lesson, which you
shall have to know before you can understand what Justice, our Justice,
God's Justice is all about. For JUSTICE IS SALVATION!!"
Joel T.

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