Lawsuit filed against Obama

Lawsuit filed against Obama

Post by LongRodSilve » Mon, 25 Aug 2008 12:26:46

Lawsuit filed against Obama campaign and the DNC in PA, by former DNC
chairman and Deputy Dist Attorney, Philip Berg Thursday afternoon.

Suit makes a very strong and credible case that OBAMA IS NOT LEGALLY


(in part)

1. Obama is a representative of the Democratic People. However, the
Obama must meet the Qualifications specified for the United States
Office of the President, which is he must be a "natural born" citizen.
Unfortunately, Obama is not a "natural born" citizen. Just to name one
of the problems, Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when his mother
married an Indonesian citizen and relocated herself and Obama to
Indonesia wherein Obama's mother naturalized in Indonesia and Obama
followed her naturalization, as he was a minor and in the custody of
his mother. Obama failed to take the oath of allegiance when he turned
eigh*** (18) years to regain his United States Citizenship status.
2. The Democratic National Committee is for Plaintiff and "We the
People" who believe in the Democratic Vision. The Democratic National
Party is supposed to represent the Democratic Americans in seeking
honest leadership, Open Government, Real Security, Energy
Independence, Economic Prosperity, Educational Excellence, a
Healthcare System that works for Everyone and Retirement Security. The
Democratic Party is supposed to represent and protect the interests of
working Americans and guaranteeing personal liberties for all. Of
which includes securing a Democratic Nominee on the Presidential
Election ballot who represents the Democratic vision and who is
qualified and eligible to run for Office of the President under the
qualifications of the United States Constitution.
3. The actions of Obama, a U.S. Senator, in running for President of
the United States, knowing he is not eligible, have been taken
entirely without authorization under the United States Constitution,
completely ignoring the qualification and procedures created by the
United States Constitution he is purporting to enforce.