-[Wrestler Creation F.A.Q.]-[V1.0]-[USWA]

-[Wrestler Creation F.A.Q.]-[V1.0]-[USWA]

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| PLAYER CREATION FAQ V1.0                       |
|   "We Breed The Best, We Beat The Rest"       |
- INTRODUCTION                                              
www.uswa.tk - USWA online!
*Still Under Construction*

The USWA is a promotion that is brought to you by not only the same mind that
created Garden State Independent Wrestling(GSIW), but also the mind that brings
you "The Wolf" Lark Fenriz in many differant promotions. The USWA will rise out
of the current popularity of small regional promotions and be a national
promotion, with alot of popularity and grandeur. Basically, the USWA will be
running one card a week, with either a SuperCard or Pay-Per-View in the final
week of the month. As we stand right now the USWA will be running only one
Flash Packet per week/card.. But as time goes on, it's very possible that we
will be adding two packets per week, mainly for the fun rebuttle flashing. I'll
state the following right off the bat for prospective members.. I am a not a
fan of giving away wins based on angles. I highly am in favor of building
angles of flashes and giving the main ones to the main flashers as such. But,
this does not mean at all that I'm not a huge fan of angles and like to create
some of the most entertaining ones out there. It basically just means that if
your a big time stud around the RSPWF circuit, just because of your name
doesn't mean your going to get angle priority over anyone else, the more work
you put in, the more work I'll put in for your character. Also, don't rule out
angle-booking entirely, usually I'll encounter two members who agree to a
certain angle-booking and in that case I'll go ahead with it. Anyways, read on
with the information and I hope I can sway you to sign up with us.

After the fall of the GSIW, former owner Drew Kutler took some time off from
the wrestling scene and slowly faded himself out. But recently John T. Powell
and his company Big World Entertainment has approached Kutler with a deal he
simply couldn't refuse. Powell offered Kutler to come in as CEO of a new highly
funded wrestling promotion project known as the United States Wrestling
Association. Powell looked to get a monopoly over the wrestling scene and crush
the smaller independent promotions around the world. Kutler quickly agreed to
terms with Powell, but because of his strong roots in Independent Wrestling,
Kutler demanded that the USWA not focus on smashing the smaller independent
promotions but letting them and their workers have a chance to shine on a
global level. Thus, it won't be a suprise to see many workers from smaller
promotions in the ranks of the USWA, as well as some shows with other
independent promotions. Now with Kutler in full command of the USWA, he looks
to make it shine on a national level like no other promotion currently out


I've been in e-wrestling for nearly 7 years now and have handled quite a few
characters over my time. I started off in an AOL circuit awhile back under the
name "The Modern Day Lucifer" OmeN.. Since my horrid AOL days, I've been around
the RSPWF for sometime, handling the likes of "God's Gift" TJ Corruption, and
more recently, "Primo" Chris Capri. I believe the main thing I'm known for is
my great experiance at fedheading, and I've been very successful in the past
with my most famous conception, the GSIW. The GSIW closed around 3-4 months
ago, but it was a great run, and because of personal problems I was forced to
shut her down. I plan on sticking with USWA for a long time to come.

Handler of the ever popular "The Wolf" Lark Fenriz, Delaney has been around
e-wrestling about as long as Kutler has. Fenriz is a very active member of the
RSPWF community, and participates as a handler in many promotions currently out
there. Former characters of Delaney include Paul Barker, XYZ, and Ryan
Delaney.. Delaney is a hard worker who is always dedicated to whatever he is
currently doing.

    *Other jobs also available, please contact for more information

Kutler usually has a decently large character in the promotion, can either go
face or heel depending on the many varied situations. Doesn't take alot of ***
from anyone and has been known to go in the ring against a wrestler or bring in
a enforcer to defend himself. A key player in the promotion and it's

Son of Big World Entertainment millionaire and USWA funder, John T. Powell.. A
rebellious young kid, who thinks he has the world in his hands and knows
exactly what to do with it. Seems to be very anti-Kutler, and doesn't agree
with much. Believes he should be the full president of the USWA, and is very
jealous that Powell has given the right of President to Kutler.

Mr. Pierce is a huge 6'5" fully stacked man who will do anything to protect the
president and do everything he wills. Little is known about the tuxedo and
sunglasses clad giant, but rumor has it that Pierce is an ex-con picked up by
Kutler on a small payroll. Not a very good fighter, but he can hold his own in
an average brawl.

Face commentator, very experianced at commentating and knows much about
wrestling. Stein is the former Head Commentator of the GSIW. Stein is very
classy, and although he is a face, usually doesn't take sides unless a face is
against a super heel.

COMMENTATOR: "The Ass" Tito Mass
The other former GSIW commentator that Kutler has signed on to the team. Mass
is an all out stereotypical heel commentator. Always loves the matches with the
***, gore, and all-out e***ment. Not a huge fan of an all out technical
match. Will always side with the heel against the face.

INTERVIEWER: Timmy Straits
Straits is a young interviewer hired by Kutler for his exceptional microphone
skills. Straits is a neutral character, and is simply out to get the story. If
you were to flash a USWA interviewer, your interviewee would surely be Straits.

The big enchilada! The USWA World Heavyweight Title is the biggest title the
promotion has to offer. Whoever ends up as the World Heavyweight champion will
be recognized as the head honcho in the promotion. The World Heavyweight Title
can only be competed for by wrestlers who weigh in at 220lbs or over. The World
Heavyweight Title is to be defended at least once per SuperCard/Pay-Per-View.

The big title for the high flying performers of the USWA. The second most
highly recognized title that can be competed for only by wrestlers who weigh in
at 219lbs or below. Lightweight matches are always exciting and filled with
non-stop action.

The mid-card title for the hardest worker in the promotion. The television
title goes on the line night after night on each card, and is normally held by
a seasoned competitor or ambitious up and comer.

The gimmick title that everyone always loves. The Deathmatch Title is for the
most *** son of a *** in the promotion. This title is not only defended
very often but usually defended with the highest risk involved. Anyone who can
hold onto the Deathmatch Title for a long reign will be someone who can endure
a hell of alot of pain.

On The Mic is the USWA's flash packet. On The Mic is sent out once a week(as we
stand now), and will include all flashes for the upcoming card. In the near
future we could see On The Mic being sent out twice a week to allow people to
send in rebuttle flashes, which can usually tend to be a good quality read.

First off, on Angles, we highly stress _YOU_ the handler to try and be as
involved as possible in getting angles off the ground. Both Kutler and Delaney
will meet with wrestlers at the beginning of each cycle to talk over their
upcoming angles and wishes. Normally, most angles that are proposed will be
accepted, and it's just a matter of the handlers putting in some effort to get
their ideas heard to get them running. We also highly stress getting together
with other handlers to talk over possible angles and work out great storylines
together. Strat wise, strats are always going to be that small little
tie-breaker edge in deciding matches, and their victors. Strats not only help
you develop your character in the exact form that you wish, but help out the
fedheads to write stellar matches. In most cases it seems prevalent in many
promotions as it will in the USWA, the better the strats, the better the
matches. Basically, strats aren't required but _VERY_ highly regarded. On-Cards
are usually due a few days before the card is scheduled to take place. On-Cards
usually strongly help you out as a secondary winner deciding factor in a close
match scenario. Like strats, on-cards are not required, but _VERY_ highly

Altercation is the basis that everything in the USWA revolves off of.
Altercation is currently the only weekly show that the USWA runs, and will not
only have around an average 5-6 matches per card, but storyline progression,
angle progression, character development, and just about everything that one
could think of. There will normally be about 2-3 Altercation cards per month,
closing out the month with either a SuperCard or Pay-Per-View.

SuperCards and Pay-Per-Views are normally the last card of the month, and can
usually mean the climax of a dramatic feud and as always the defense of the
highly acclaimed World Heavyweight Title. The USWA will rotate from SuperCard
to Pay-Per-View bi-monthly. The USWA will start off with a Pay-Per-View and the
following month will have a SuperCard.

Every week the USWA will release an Update. Normally at the end of a week, and
the beginning of a new one. The Update will include the upcoming lineup, past
results, title histories, a talent roster, rankings, small award announcements,
and much more. Basically the read of the week that fills you in on everything
you need to know going on around the promotion.

http://SportToday.org/ - The USWA website will stay updated with alot of cool
features including; archives, updated roster, weekly awards, news, along with
many other things. Check it out, and enjoy.

Below you will find a Wrestler Creation Application; we hope we have somewhat
swayed you to come to the "dark side" and join up with the United States
Wrestling Association. Both Kutler and Delaney await your arrival in the
promotion, and we hope you can come have one hell of a good time with us.
Something that can surely be expected is quality ewrestling at it's finest..
Alot more, and nothing less..

Handler Information:
Your Name:
How did you hear about us?:
Can you write matches?:

Wrestler Information:
Wrestler's Name:
Date of Birth:
Weight(220lbs+ = Heavyweight, 219lbs - = Lightweight):
Alignment(try to sway from neutral):

[ Put the scene of your entrance here.. Remember this is a national promotion
with alot of funding and alot of resources.. Feel free to go all out and make
one of those spectacular entrances with fireworks, and whatnot. ]

SARA WORTHINGTON: Coming down to ringside, hailing from [Hometown *Remove
Brackets*], standing [Height *Remove Brackets*], and weighing in at [Weight in
lbs *Remove Brackets], [A brief accolade, ie: FORMER GSIW Heavyweight
Champion!! *Remove Brackets].. HERE IS...


[ Finish off scene here if needed. ]

Wrestling Style:
Physical Appearance:
In-Ring Attire:
Top 15 Moves Used:
Marquee Moves(Max=3):
Technical name / description:

Misc. Info:
Wrestler's Personality?
Background? (briefly):
Previous wrestling history?
Primary strengths:
Primary weaknesses:

Character Development Info:
Specific angle you wish to pursue in USWA:
Title you wish to pursue:
Any past injuries or anything in your character's past that can be used in
storylines ect?:

Sample RP:
(Not Required)

2004 USWA Productions
All Rights Reserved

-Drew Kutler
Handler -
"Primo" Chris Capri