....Weekend Warriors! 4.9.00 (Part 3)

....Weekend Warriors! 4.9.00 (Part 3)

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<I><<The action is back as we see Joey, Arny, and Vic sitting at the
announcer's table waiting for their cue>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Welcome back RAW fans! What a roller coaster of emotions
we have just witnessed here already folks!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Yeah, I went from happy...to not believing....to mad....to
happy again all in a matter of minutes!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Enough of this ***talk. Let's get to the next match which
actually matters around here!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, I know that Vic can't wait for this next matchup,
and hardly anyone can. But, since we have a small pause here before our
competitors come out...<I><<As he turns to Arny who is sitting on Joey's right
side>></I>....Arny, what did you think of that man with the ACE t-shirt?

<B>Arny Bishoff:<B> Well...Ace sure did a number on Mystical Lord! And Lord
deserved it! How could he trick us like that?

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Easily....you are dumbasses. All of you. I never believed the

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Come on Vic...<I><<As he turns towards his left to look at
Vic>></I>...are you telling me that you knew that this was going to happen?

say...don't trust anyone with two eyes.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> But Vic, almost everyone has two eyes.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Exactly. Now, to the match I say!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, looks like the Kink is ready and we are about set to
start things off with the Round-Robin Rampage matches! Kink, take it away!

<B>The Kink:</B> Ladies and gentlemen....this is the first of a series of three
matches for the RAW World Championship!

<I><<Fans cheer>></I>

<B>The Kink:</B> Introducing first....

<I><<We begin to hear "Save Yourself" by Stabbing Westward begin to play over
the loud speakers as the fans start to give a mixed reaction>></I>

<B>The Kink:</B> Accompanied to ringside by...Angelique!

<I><<Fans cheer as the *** Angelique parts the curtains>></I>

<B>The Kink:</B> Here is......"The Fallen One".....NEPHILIM!!

<I><<Fans give a mixed reaction, but mostly cheers as the 6' 1'  235 pound
competitor dressed in his usual black Hakama style pants, an armored
***plate, and a helm walks slowly to ringside with Angelique walking in
front with both hands clasped together>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Man, I love Asian women!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well Vic, she is beautiful. But, the focus has to be on
Nephilim here!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Yeah! This guy is only 6' 1", but has a lot of fighting
experience and his quickness will more than likely give your big man some

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Yeah, whatever. You guys focus on that loser while I focus on
the woman who will be tasting my loins tonight!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic please! Discontinue with that abrasive language at

<B>Vic Studd:</B> What did you just say?

<I><<Vic starts leaning down to pick up his Vic Stick>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Umm...what I said was...umm....try and keep it down
because one of the great VwO members are about to hit the ring any moment now.
Hee, hee...

<I><<Vic leans back down and places the Stick down under the table again>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That's what I thought you said.

<I><<Nephilim and Angelique are in the ring and he is handing her his items
that he's wearing as his music dies down and then....the crowd goes wild as "I
Touch Myself" by the Divynals starts to play over the speakers>></I>

<B>The Kink:</B> And his opponent......accompanied to ringside by the former
RAW TV Champion and fellow VwO member.....Christian Danzig!

<I><<Fans are cheering in anticipation as no one has come through the curtains

<B>The Kink:</B> He is....the former 2-time RAW World Champion....here

<I><<Fans explode as Danzig and Train come out one behind the other and they
both shoot their hands in the air as the fan's cheers are raining down>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> I can't explain this fascination the fans have with the

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Shut up Morella! The people are in ecstasy!

<I><<Fans are going wild as the big man holds one arm in the air and points at
Nephilim who is in the ring with the other hand>></I>

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Look at Nephilim, he looks in great shape in there!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Yes he does Arny. But, look at Train...I haven't seen the
big man in such great shape since....well, since he was the RAW World Champion.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That's right! We've got the big guy in great shape!

<I><<Train now gets up on the ring apron and turns around as he raises both
arms and looks out onto the crowd and they are cheering for him loudly>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Wow, what a reaction for Train! This match should be a
great one! The 7 footer with the power advantage against the smaller yet faster
and maybe more determined opponent in Nephilim!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> I'm gonna say that Nephilim takes this one...but only if
the match goes longer than 10 minutes. I think that Nephilim should test the
stamina of Train and then go in for the finishing holds.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Blah, blah! Shut your mouths...Train should dispose of this
little runt within minutes! You'll see!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> I might have to side with Vic on this one Arny. You see,
Train knows his way around the ring and he knows his limitations...so, more
than likely he'll get things started with his power being the most important

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> We'll see. Either way, this should be great!

<I><<Both men are ready in the ring standing in opposite corners as Angelique
and Christian Danzig wait on the outside of the ring and the fans are cheering
and waiting for the opening bell....>></I>


<B>Joey Morella:</B> And we are underway with the first of three round-robin
matches to determine the new RAW World Champion!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> And Train is sort of smiling a bit here as he approaches
Nephilim and "The Fallen One" walks forward as well....both men are standing in
front of each other and... wow! Train is over a foot taller than Nephilim!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That's right baby! The height advantage, experience
advantage, power advantage...we got it in the bag baby!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Here we go! Train with a right han-- NO!!! Blocked by
Nephilim and he gives him a reverse thrust chop to the chest! And another!
Train stunned a bit and holding his chest as he falls back towards the
turnbuckle....Nephilim with a kick to the stomach and now repeated shoulder
blocks into the stomach of Train! Nephilim in control as he whips Train towards
the rop-- NO!! Train reverses and Nephilim goes crashing into the turnbuckle
chest first!!

<I><<Fans are ooh'ing and ahh'ing as the force was strong and it almost looked
as if the ring moved a bit from that shot>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> YES!! He's already on the ground and in pain! You see that

<B>Joey Morella:</B> I saw it Vic....but, Train is actually clutching his chest
as well from those chops that Nephilim hit him with. But, Train is now picking
Nephilim up and he's measuring him...WHOA! Big right hand to the chin!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> And another one! Nephilim hit the deck. Nephilim now
rolling to the outside as he's trying to get away from the stinging
shots...now, Train steps out onto the ring apron and...Nephilim just grabbed
hold of both of Train's legs!!!

<I><<Fans are standing and stunned>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> HOLY MOTHER OF PEPPERMINT NUT STICKS!!! The back of
Train's head just bounced off of the ring apron and he is sitting on the cold
concrete holding the back of his head!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That's not fair! That little bastard cheated!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Actually, he didn't cheat...but, I'm not sure that I've
ever seen someone's head hit like that though.

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Wow...I think that Train might be busted open and
Nephilim...Whoa! Kicked Train right in the face!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Danzig, get over there!

<I><<The referee is holding back Danzig with his back turned to the action as
Angelique now hands Nephilim his own chestprotector and...>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> CLANG!! Right to the head of Train! He's got a trickle of
*** coming down now from his forehead as Nephilim really wants this one!

<I><<Nephilim tosses the chest protector back to Angelique and she puts it away
and acts as if nothing were wrong as the referee is back again and telling
Nephilim to get the action back in the ring>></I>

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Nephilim grabs Train and picks him. Now, he rolls him into
the ring as he is really struggling to get back to at least one knee.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Nephilim rolls back into the ring and stands in front of
Train as he starts to get up. Nephilim with a kick to the top of the head of
Train! Train now down back on all fours....now, up on one knee and...Another
shot to the head! This time with a chop to the head!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Damnit Train, come on...get up big man!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Nephilim goes to the ropes as Train is starting to get up
and....SWEET HAMBURGER PATTY GREASE!!! Nephilim does a dropkick right to the
face of Train and the big man flops onto his back now.....and a cover!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> ....1.......2.......NO!!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> You tryin' to give me a heart attack? Come on!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Train's in trouble here folks. Looks like the big man was
scouted very well by "The Fallen One"! Now, Nephilim looks at Angelique and
they both nod to each other. Nephilim to the second rope and....drops an elbow
across the throat of Train!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Joey, I think that Train is still feeling the effects of
that fall on the ring apron on the back of his head.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> I think you're right Arny.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> And I think that you are both homos. What's the point! He has
to get up now and fight!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Looks like Vic is feeling a bit insecure about his main
gun of the VwO right here!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Don't F*CK with me Morella! I'm ...

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....Weekend Warriors! 4.9.00 (Part 3)

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