Ole Miss Students to Racist Peers: ‘We Are One’

Ole Miss Students to Racist Peers: ‘We Are One’

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Ole Miss Students to Racist Peers: We Are One
 Robert Kessler
It wasn't every Ole Miss student who poured into the streets to burn
Obama/Biden signs and shout racist epithets Tuesday night. Some were
doing normal college thingssleeping, studying, getting stoned. Last
night, it was those students' turn to take to the streets. Students
gathered to hold a "We Are Mississippi" candlelit walk through the
University of Mississippi campus in protest of Tuesday's protest.

One Ole Miss student told WREG why she was spending her Wednesday
night marching, and not sleeping, studying or getting stoned:

"We're standing together as one Mississippi but we're walking across
campus and it's sort of a good metaphor of us moving forward together
as a community," Ole Miss student, Kaitlyn Barnes, said.

Local media reports more than 600 people showed up to march, which is
200 more than the 400 bigots who wreaked havoc on Tuesday night.

[Via WREG // Image via Twitter]