NWA TNA 11.01.03 Bill Banks column

NWA TNA 11.01.03 Bill Banks column

Post by Evad Seltz » Tue, 04 Nov 2003 19:24:40


11.01.03 | The Bank Shot with Bill Banks
I can't believe its Halloween as I write this. After joining TNA in
July, it's amazed me how fast the time has gone by. Before I know it,
it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas then the start of a new year.
I guess when the majority of your life revolves around your work
(which I enjoy), the days speed by.

So, as we prepare this weekend for Wednesday's TNA broadcast, I'll be
catching up on some of my favorite horror movies at home such as the
Halloween I-VI marathon. You know, that Jamie Lee Curtis is still a


Halloween and the TNA return of the main in face paint all in one
week? Coincidence? Hmmmm

Without a doubt, the announcement that Sting would be returning to TNA
this week was a welcome surprise for fans everywhere. The last time he
appeared, he teamed with Jeff Jarrett. This time, they will be

Personally, I'm also looking forward to seeing Sting, the person.
Having worked with Sting in WCW, he was one of the most professional
and hardest working superstars with the company. A true class act. The
last time I saw him was at the final Nitro, and I didn't get a chance
to say goodbye.

So, I look forward to seeing Sting again this week and working with
him. I know he'll blow the roof off the Asylum, and it will certainly
be a night to remember.


Since I've been with TNA, one of our most praised shows from fans was
our Super X Tournament in the beginning of September. That tourney saw
the likes of Teddy Hart and Juventud Guerrera treat fans to their
international X style, and also featured the best of what the X is

This Wednesday on PPV begins TNA's chance to perhaps top the X
tournament, as Michael Shane's "Triple Chance Invitational" will take
place over the next few weeks.

The first part of the tournament will feature an X Battle Royal, with
the winner receiving an automatic slot in the final Three-Way Match to
determine a number one contender. Matches to fill the remaining
tourney spots will take place in the weeks that follow.

Thanks to TNA management, we've got the list of all the X superstars
that will take part in the battle royal this week. They are:

Low Ki, Chris Sabin, The Fallen Angel, Sonjay Dutt, Sharkboy, Johnny
Storm, Chad Collyer and a TNA newcomer whose name will be announced
next week.

Personally, it will be great to see Low Ki back in action in TNA after
being on the sidelines with an injury. Low Ki has always been one of
my TNA favorites, X style or not. His offense is quick and has
tremendous impact which proves you don't have to be 300 pounds and
shredded to impress the fans. I'm sure Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin
will shine as well.

When I first learned of the Battle Royal concept for this Wednesday, I
wondered if the participants would be able to adapt to keeping all of
their high-flying moves INSIDE the ring. Remember, you go over the
top, you're done and a great deal of the X offense is based on dives
over the top to the outside.

But at the same time, it adds intrigue to every move. Some of their
best X offense is off the top rope, so they'll be putting themselves
in jeopardy of elimination each time they do it! We're all about new
concepts here in TNA (ie the Ultimate X), and the X Battle Royal this
Wednesday should go above and beyond in impressing fans.


I love the fact that every week, Sonny Siaki seems to have a new
nickname for himself. It reminds me of the Rocky movies with Apollo
Creed and his never-ending nicknames.

My new favorite from Siaki is "Mr. Number One and Ekmo Fatu!"

Get it? One and two? Haha!

Simple, but funny and effective. It's those little things that Siaki
comes up with that crack me up.


The Halloween feel of this past week's TNA broadcast certainly made
the night more fun. Only in the wrestling business especially around
the holidays will you see pumpkins and turkeys being used as

And not to mention the obligatory beating/mauling of Santa Clause
every year.

On a side not, kudos to the TNA dancers this past week and their
"revealing" costumes especially Chelsea and April, who made my
Xplosion editing sessions a more enjoyable experience.


In the coming weeks, Jeremy Borash and myself are going to be making
several additions/improvements to our syndicated Xplosion show. One of
the first you might notice this weekend is an improved look to the TNA
Cam footage, shot by yours truly. We're going with a letterbox format
for the TNA Cam footage to differentiate it from the PPV footage. I've
always been a huge fan of the letterbox format, especially when it
comes to movies. I think the letterbox format for the TNA Cam footage
gives it a more "prestigious" look.

I've also been given the nickname of "Scorcese Banks" from a few of
the superstars, which I guess is a compliment (unless they think of me
as an old, fat producer who only makes mob movies).


Another added feature to this week's Xplosion show was a rare
wrestling appearance by AJ Styles, who utterly destroyed "Spyder" Nate
Webb in singles action. The brutality Styles unleashed on Webb can't
be explained in words, so if you get Xplosion it's definitely worth
checking out.


After working with WWF and WCW's websites in the past, one of the
things I'm big on is the talent contributing to the websites. Many of
TNA's top talent have their own official websites, but few of them are
able to contribute to our site due to their schedule.

That's why I'm happy to tell fans the lovely Trinity has agreed to
start contributing to the website on an umber of levels, beginning
with a "Week In The Life Of" area with her own journal entries and
personal photos.

We'll update you on this potential new NWATNA.com addition as we get
the ball rolling with Trinity. We're certainly happy to have her!

That's it for this week! Thanks for reading, and check out Sting's
return to Pay-Per-View this Wednesday on TNA!