Weekend Warriors Preview

Weekend Warriors Preview

Post by Nick Demol » Sun, 25 Oct 1998 04:00:00

- Sunday, November 1st from the Whittemore Center in Durham, New Hampshire

Here are the matches for Weekend Warriors....
First, there will be a special match involving odd pairings of some of the
UUW tag teams where only one man needs to be beaten for the match to end...

Lars Graham, Lo Mein, Frank Anthony
Brad Morris, Black Demon, Moe Douglas

Then, what we've all been waiting for.....


The man who scores the pinfall wins the match.  Winners go on to next week's
second round.

Jeff Westfall vs. General Militia vs. ***Daddy
- Two unproven rookies and one of the best in the game get it on!  Can
Militia or ***pull off the stunning upset?

Polish Crippler vs. The Dehumanizer vs. Scott Swindell
- Two old XWF and DWF veterans take on a rookie.  Will Swindell and Polish
allow past bad *** keep them fighting until one or the other is

Asher vs. Ghetto Smasher vs. Shadow Stalker
- Three dark, mysterious men take to the ring in this first round matchup.
Pain is the name of the game here.  Who will be able to stand it?

Ryder vs. Shawn Sanders vs. Ferris Wheel
- The seemingly unbeatable Ryder takes on two young, talented men.  Will the
others need to form an alliance?  Or can they pull of the upset on their

Mark Marleau vs. J.A. Howe vs. Marc Powers
- Three bonafide bad asses in this match.  Marleau is proven, as is Powers.
Can Howe put his name in the ranks of the best bad asses in the game as

Jack Vars vs. Rob Cole vs. David ***
- Jack Vars, veteran of EVERY federation, takes on two men with great
potential.  Vars is a favorite to take it all home, but can he even get past
the first round?

Dynamite vs. Jeremy Locke vs. Mariafro
- Nick's right hand man takes on his estranged brother.  Where will Mariafro
fit in this?  Can he take a cheap win when one of the others is weak?

Tyrone Parker vs. Johnny Rotten vs. The Egomaniac
- Rotten, the former DWF and XWF tag champ, tries his hand at singles
wrestling against one of the VERY few men with a clean win against Nick
Demola and possibly the best rookie out there.