Comic-Con: Warner Bros. Panel Report

Comic-Con: Warner Bros. Panel Report

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Comic-Con: Warner Bros. Panel Report

Posted Jul 27th 2007 3:14PM by Julia Ward
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Rock and Carrell at Comic-Con

Friday at Comic-Con got underway with the Warner Brothers
presentation. The swag bag included a Get Smart t-shirt with "KAOS"
written on one side and "CONTROL" on the other. Not so surprisingly,
no one under the age of 20 seemed to know what this meant, but Warner
Brothers needn't worry because the kids love The Rock. And, because
this is Comic-Con, The Rock (Agent 23) put in an appearance along with
his Get Smart co-stars Steve Carrell, Masi "unofficial Comic-Con
poster boy" Oka, Studio 60's Nate Torrence and Borat's Ken Davitian
mercifully wearing pants.

The Get Smart footage wasn't exclusive, and the cast took most of
their alloted panel time to laud the earlier work of Don Adams, Mel
Brooks and Buck Henry. They dropped a few hints that Mel and Buck
might put in an appearance in the movie, but the big news for vintage
TV buffs is that Agent 13 and Hymie the Killer Robot will make cameo
appearances. Otherwise, Carrell looks great in the preview, and
perhaps most aptly described the film's style as "comedic Bourne

Carrell didn't have any insight into where The Office was going except
to say that thir*** of next season's episodes have been written, and
Ryan's new role at corporate is going to change the dynamic of the
show quite a bit.

And, I think it needs to be reiterated once more. The kids love The
Rock. Seriously, he might as well have been alone on the stage. He was
peppered with "how much can you bench" questions and exclamations of
"you're friggin' awesome." I think Get Smart is going to do just fine
at the box office.

In other TV news from the Warner Brothers panel:

- Shannyn Sossamon, star of One Missed Call, worked on Mr. Show with
Bob and David, but couldn't really answer one fan's question, "What
was it like to work with gods living on Earth?" She was on the set for
a day and couldn't recall much of her interaction with Bob and David
aside from having a small crush on Mr. Cross.

- Super producer Joel Silver, who appeared to promote the film
Whiteout, did mention that progress on Speed Racer was extraordinary
with Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci completely embodying their roles
as Speed and Trixie. We can expect some Matrix-style paradigm-busting
effects and a vigorous tip of the hat to the original animation.

Unfortunately, no Batman or Speed Racer footage was shown at the
Warner Con event.