Starting New Fantasy Wrestling League. Helpers needed

Starting New Fantasy Wrestling League. Helpers needed

Post by MARK STEVEN » Thu, 03 Sep 1998 04:00:00

To whom it concerns,

        Hi, my name is Mike, and I will be hopefully running an E-Fed by the
end of this year or the beggining of next year.  I am looking for people
to help.  I am looking for people that have had expierience in running
an E-Fed, but don't have the time to run by themselves.  What I'm saying
is that I'm loioking for a commissioner, as I will be the President.  I
will also be looking for card writers.  I want to do about 2-3 cards a
week, and a PPV every month. so I need 2-4 writers.    But for the
moment I am looking for a Commissioner to work out details for the Fed.

reply back on the newsgroup pages.  Please send an e-mail to this

Plus the league will run on TNM, so if anyone has the PLUS version of
6.1 it would help alot if you could send me a password and code and
whatever else i would need.

                                                                                                        Mike Stevens