Rookie Wrestling League : NEW Fantasy Group

Rookie Wrestling League : NEW Fantasy Group

Post by Michael Grim » Mon, 24 Apr 1995 04:00:00

 Announcing the creation of a NEW Fantasy Wrestling Group:  Rookie Wrestling

  RWL will emphasize WRESTLING !!!!  over gimmicks, managers, valets, clowns
and buffoonery.

  RWL will feature young wrestlers ranging from lightweight to junior
heavyweight.  All have excellent pro-style wrestling training and talent.

  Future posts will feature match results and descriptions.  Fans (we hope
we'll gain a few!!)  will become familiar with  RWL style and our stable of
wrestlers in these posts.  Comments are always WELCOME!!

  RWL's spokesman and commentator is MERLIN MENTOR.  He will be doing color
commentary on most matches.

   RWL policy is to have a wrestler joining MERLIN MENTOR at ringside to offer
commentary from a wrestler's point of view.  HOWEVER  they will not be a comedy
team !!!

     Within the Rookie Wrestling League are two subdivisions:


     2:  THE DARK SIDE

     RWL wrestlers come from all parts of the U.S. and also from other RWL
affiliates from all over the world.

    The next RWL post will feature a sample match of OUR kind of WRESTLING!!

   *** DISCLAIMER:  Management realizes that this kind of "rookie" league will
not be for all fans.  After a few of our cards some fans may want to add RWL to
their kill file!  SO IT GOES!!