Transformers: Product Placement Wet Dream

Transformers: Product Placement Wet Dream

Post by Orson Wells as CitizenCai » Sun, 01 Jul 2007 13:19:30


> > > And all the "bad-guy" robots aren't brand-name vehicles at all-- so as
> > > to avoid negative product placement. They're all things like F-22
> > > fighter planes, CH-53 helicopters, mine-sweepers and Abrams tanks.

> > You think those things aren't manufactured by someone who wants to
> > their public image????

> Not really. Not in the same way. You and I aren't buying Abrams tanks.
> The government does. And the government doesn't base its purchasing
> decisions on how cool they look in a Hollywood movie (or at least I hope
> to dear Christ that they don't).

Wait until The Simpsons movie comes out

You think things are ***ed in Iraq right NOW...

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