Batista, WWE Refs, Snitsky News

Batista, WWE Refs, Snitsky News

Post by TheMott.. » Sat, 26 May 2007 05:21:58

The Wrestling Observer has noted that one of the primary goals of WWE
agents, who are now pre***ly old-school types, is to give more
'integrity' to matches. As part of the move towards a more legitimate
presentation, referees are being made to look less clown-like than in
recent years, since it had gotten to the point where the agents
considered referees almost pointless. A concerted effort is being made
to slowly re-establish the rules and preserve cheating only through
the heels working to distract the referees. One example of this was
the team of Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms being disqualified in an
elimination tag match for double-teaming past the five count. That was
at a house show in Syracuse in a three-way with Deuce & Domino and
Paul London & Brian Kendrick, with the champions retaining.

It would also appear that Batista's reputation within WWE has done a
complete 180-turn from its pre-WrestleMania state. Meltzer reports
that Batista, feeling he had something to prove after criticism of his
work and behaviour, has improved his attitude backstage and tried hard
to improve his level of performance.

As things stand, Snitksy will be staying in ECW and built up for a
title feud with Bobby Lashley. However, WWE want to promote him across
all three brands to try and make him seem 'special'. Oh, how special.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 21st May 2007 (click here for
subscription information)