....Weekend Warriors! 4.9.00 (Part 2)

....Weekend Warriors! 4.9.00 (Part 2)

Post by ArnyV » Fri, 14 Apr 2000 04:00:00

<B>The Kink:</B> This opening bout is for one fall....and is for the rights to
the AFTERMATH name!

<I><<Fans cheer as "Back in Black" by AC/DC hits the speakers and we see the
"Mystical One" step through the curtains dressed in black pants and black tape
wrapped around his wrists along with black leather gloves on>></I>

<B>The Kink:</B> He is the former RAW World Champion.....and the winner of the
*** Bastard tournament....here is....MYSTICAL LORD!!

<I><<Fans cheer as Lord puts his arms straight up in the air and just continues
to look forward with an intense look on his face>></I>

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> It's great that Mystical Lord is actually standing up
against that dirty Starbuck!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> You guys have it all wrong. Starbuck wasn't under RAW
contract...or at least he thought he wasn't...and then Mr Varona decided that
he would keep him under contract and not allow him to take the AFTERMATH
name...which was his stable's name...with him.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> But, Mr Varona was put in a bind with RAW restarting this
past January and he was desperate for wrestlers to put on a great show to get
the fans back. So, I don't blame Mr Varona for wanting to have Starbuck in just
one match to please his fans. But, Starbuck went and made such a big deal about

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Yeah!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> You guys don't get it. Go to the bald bastard again...

<B>The Kink:</B> And his opponent....

<I><<The fans begins to boo as "Phenomenon" by LL Cool J starts to play over
the loud speakers...>></I>

<B>The Kink:</B> Led down the aisle by...Phenomenon....

<I><<Fans boo the big guy>></I>


<I><<Fans are booing...but waiting...and...>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> FINALLY!!! Shane Starbuck has finally shown up!!! Took him
long enough to show up!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Dirty dirty! Dirty man! Starbuck sucks! Boo!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Morella, could you please tell your boy Bishoff to stop with
his ***or I'll nail him with the Hockey-Night Vic Stick!

<I><<Vic pulls out a half broken hockey stick with rusty nails and thumbtacks
stuck to it all over>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic please...put that thing away. He's just a little
e***d about the matchup...that's all.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> I'm telling you Morella. I'm not gonna put up with much

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Don't worry Vic...he's only going to be here for this
match and one more. Then, that's it.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Damnit...

<I><<Vic puts the Vic-Stick away and then the camera focuses on Mystical Lord
bouncing up and down as he warms up for the match>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Mystical Lord hasn't been in a match for a while. I can't
even remember the last time The Mystical One was in a matchup.

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> That's true...I hope he doesn't have ring rust.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> I think that Starbuck beats everyone with ring rust. That
bastard hasn't been in the ring for at least a year.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Very true Vic. Well, Starbuck is getting trash thrown at
him as he gets up to the steel steps and Phenomenon opens the ring ropes for
him as Starbuck rubs his boots on the ring apron and then steps in to a chorus
of boos!

<I><<The referee is holding back Mystical Lord as he pushes him a bit trying to
get to Starbuck>></I>

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Let him go ref! He wants at that dirty Starbuck!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, Starbuck is stretching a bit as Phenomenon is being
told to leave the ring and we are almost ready to start up this great matchup!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> The referee is in the middle of the ring and holding his
hand up...


<B>Joey Morella:</B> We are underway!! Mystical Lord now walks slowly towards
Shane Starbuck and Starbuck towards Lord.....we are gonna have one hell of a

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Until *** spills...I ain't interested.

<I><<Lord and Starbuck are just about nose to nose and yelling back and forth
as the fans are cheering and getting ready>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> And....WHAT THE HELL?

<I><<Mystical Lord, with his hands to his sides, falls straight back down
without bending his knees or anything and lands flat on his back in the middle
of the ring>></I>

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Oh my gosh! Something has happened to Lord!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> What the hell is going on here?

<I><<Starbuck stands and looks out to the fans who are a bit stunned from
Mystical Lord falling on the ground. Lord is not moving...>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Lord might need medical attention here as....

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> What? How could he? That dirty Starbuck is actually
covering him!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Oh oh...I smell something fishy here....and it ain't

<I><<The referee drops down and starts the count>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> No......1.......2......3!!! NO!!! Starbuck gets up and
holds his arms in the air as Mystical Lord is starting to get up.

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> What?....I don't understand. Lord was hurt...do over.

<I><<Arny is standing up with a look of disbelief in his eyes as Starbuck now
looks over at Lord and...>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> THEY EMBRACED!!?? Can someone tell me what is going on

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Ha, Ha!! I don't like Starbuck and I definately can't stand
Mystical Lord...but they just pulled a fast one on Mr Varona! Ha, Ha!!

<I><<The fans are stunned and standing as they see Mystical Lord and
"SuperNatural" Shane Starbuck holding each other's arms up in the air and they
are now being joined by the 6' 9" and 340 pound Phenomenon>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> This is disgusting! How could Lord do that?

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That guy has always hated everyone. That's the only thing
that me and him have in common.

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> But....I don't.....why?

<B>Joey Morella:</B> I know Arny, I know. I'm stunned too.

<I><<Fans are booing loudly and now beginning to throw trash into the ring as
Mystical Lord starts flipping them off and Starbuck just stands in the ring
with his arms folded and laughing at the fans as "Phenomenon" by LL Cool J hits
the speakers>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Despicable. Simply despicable.

<I><<Out of nowhere, the fans begin to go absolutely crazy as someone is
running to ringside like a bat out of hell...>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Who is that freak?

<I><<Someone with multi-colored long hair and a sleeveless black shirt with
"ACE" written on the back rolls into the ring and starts kicking ass all over
the place>></I>

mystery man just smacked Phenomenon in the face and kicked him in the gut and
...WHOA!!! He just gave him a vicious neckbreaker!!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Yeah!! Get him...umm...you!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Now, Mystical Lord goes running at him and....clothesline
by "Ace" I guess we'll call him! Ace is now in control here as he almost took
Mystical Lord's head off and Lord is stunned....Ace setting him up.....GEEZ

<I><<Fans all 'ohh' and 'ahh' as Ace just nailed Lord with a tremendous
inverted Death Valley Driver from hell>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Damn!! Ace just dumped Lord right on his neck and that must
not feel good.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Now the fans are cheering as Starbuck stands and looks at
Ace as he approaches and Starbuck is calling for a timeout!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> No way Starbuck! You ain't gonna get no mercy

<I><<Ace grabs Starbuck by the hair...but from behind...Phenomenon hits Ace
with a double axe handle shot to the back and Ace lets go as Starbuck rolls out
of the ring pulling Mystical Lord with him>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, it made Ace let go of Starbuck...but, I think that
it just pissed Ace off more than anything! Ace turns around and looks
Phenomenon in the eyes as Ace is just about the same height as Phenomenon!

<I><<Fans are cheering as they are almost nose to nose and then...>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That's right...live to fight another day.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> I can't believe it! Phenomenon backed away and rolls out
of the ring and he's walking with Mystical Lord and Shane Starbuck!

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Ace! Ace! Ace! I like this guy!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, Mystical Lord is holding his neck and Starbuck is
pointing towards the ring as he holds Lord up and Phenomenon is leading the
way. But, this Ace fellow has really made an impression here! The fans seem to
be behind him. Folks, we are going to go to a quick commercial break...but,
we'll be right back with the first of the Round-Robin Rampage matches for the
RAW World Title! Don't go away!!