....Weekend Warriors! (Part 4 of 4)

....Weekend Warriors! (Part 4 of 4)

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<I><<Scene fades back to the arena filled with screaming fans>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Wow...so far, we have had a double crossing by Mystical
Lord and Shane Starbuck.....a man coming out of nowhere who we think is named
"Ace"...and Nephilim pinning the big man, Train after a mysterious moment of
the lights going out and then a hammer laying next to Train as he was knocked

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> This has been a weird night so far! But, I just realized
something Joey.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> What's that Arny?

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> Well, since Nephilim won that first matchup...that means
that if he wins this next match...he's the NEW RAW World Champion!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> That's true. My gosh. That's true. Well, Arny...we're
going to have to bid you a farewell as we have the next matchup coming up.

<B>Arny Bishoff:</B> That's okay, I'm going to the back and watching the next
two matches from there. So, I'll catch you back after the show Joey!

<I><<Arny leaves the announcer's area and then we see an obviously upset Vic
Studd making his way back towards the table and we hear him fumbling around
with the headsets as he puts them on>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That guy has F*CKED with the wrong people! "The Fallen One"
will be be the "Dead One" soon! You can count on that!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, as everyone can tell....Vic Studd is definately
upset over what just happened in that last matchup.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> You're damn right I'm upset! That Nephilim bastard cheated
and beat down Train with a damn hammer!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, we really don't know if that was Nephilim or someone

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Wait a second...he came out talking earlier about how the
hammer was going to drop tonight. Hmm...so that means he has some help with
him! But, how did he get the lights to go out? He must know someone in high
places or something. It's VARONA!! Varona is behind this! I knew that bastard
would mess with me sooner or later!! Damn him!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic, how can you tell that Mr Varona is behind this?

<B>Vic Studd:</B> He doesn't want the VwO to succeed. I know it for a fact!
Don't worry...I've got things already in check though. I've got a plan for
Nephilim in this next match.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> You aren't gonna send out the VwO are you?

<I><<Vic looks over at Joey with a ***ic smile on his face as his eyes are
still glossy from the adrenaline of the moment>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> My goodness. Well, let's get things kicked off here as The
Kink is ready for the next matchup...

<B>The Kink:</B> Ladies and gentlemen....this next bout is for one fall....and
is a Round-Robin Rampage matchup!!

<I><<Fans are cheering>></I>

<B>The Kink:</B> Introducing first...behind accompanied to ringside by
Syn....here is the former RAW World Champion.....here is....RUINER!!

<I><<Fans are booing loudly for the man from the darkness>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> They don't like this man at all!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Heh, heh...wait until you get a load of what's gonna happen

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic, don't.

<B>The Kink:</B> And his opponent....

<I><<Nephilim's music kicks on and Angelique comes through the curtains and
leads the way for...>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> There he is! The man who is one win away from the RAW
World Championship!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That bastard will die!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic please. Nephilim just about to ringside here as...yes,
there he is right directly in front of us...Hey! Vic, leave him alone!

<I><<We see Vic standing up still with his headset on and he's yelling at

<B>Vic Studd:</B> I'm gonna get you, you bastard! You Motherfu....

<B><<Vic is still yelling at Nephilim, but his microphone has seemed to cut off
as the producers in the back are trying to keep the language to a minimum>></B>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Victor K Studd!! His mother does not do that with animals!


<B>Joey Morella:</B> No he does not! And even if he did, he'd have trouble
sitting down. Wouldn't he?


<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic, please sit down.....no, he can't. He'd have to have
that removed by a doctor if that was the case.

<I><<Nephilim just smiles at Vic and walks off to the other side of the ring,
but still on the outside of it as he gets into it with some of the fans>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> .....and after that, you'd have to get it taken rectally from
that point on!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> You done yet?

<I><<Vic sits down a bit out of breath from the constant verbal *** he laid
upon "The Fallen One">></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Whew...I guess. But, I'm still pissed at that son of a b!tch!

<I><<Johnny Heenan is now getting to the announcer's table as he is a little

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Where the hell you been!?

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Wow...some of us are in a bad mood, huh?

<I><<Vic has a pissed off look on his face>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Lay off of him 'Mind'...he's already had a rough night
because of Train losing.

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Oh, that's right. I was watching it in the back. You
know, I thought I saw someone running towards the curtains right before the
lights went out.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Oh yeah? Who is it?! I'll kill them!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> I don't know...I just thought I saw someone. I was
actually fixing myself a sandwich in the back and I was adding some of that

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Shut the F*CK up! Morons! I'm surrounded by them!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> I know that you are upset Vic, but you have to channel
your anger and.....JEEPERS CREEPERS!!! Ruiner with a baseball slide right into
Nephilim!!! Nephilim falls against the guardrail!!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> I don't think Ruiner liked what he saw earlier.. and he
knows how important this match is to him!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Get that bastard!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic, you're actually cheering for Ruiner you know?

<B>Vic Studd:</B> I don't care...I want ***man hurt!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> That's Nephilim...

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Whatever!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Now the Ruiner leaves the ring and grabs Nephilim..he
rolls him back into the ring.  The Ruiner jumps up on the outer apron--quick as
a cat!  He slingshots himself back in with an elbow!!!  He covers

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Damnit! Come on ref...count faster!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Gets a two count!!  Nephilim already had to wrestle Train
tonight, so he's clearly already hurtin!!  Especially with both of them going
through that announcer's table earlier. Ruiner lifts him up, he might be trying
to put Nephilim away already!?

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Looks like he's going for the Ruination DDT--but Nephilim
blocks it!!  He gives Ruiner a couple shots into the side..Northern Lights!!
He's kept a bridge!!!  One...!!  That's all!  Ruiner powers out of that one!!!
Nephilim is starting to get to his feet--but Ruiner levels him with a spin
wheel kick!!  Ruiner laying in visious fists into Nephilims head!!  The ref is
trying to get the Ruiner off of him...finally the Ruiner ceases.  What's Ruiner
doing now?

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> He's going up top Joey!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Yeah! Come on ...<I><<As he turns to Joey a
bit>></I>...what's his name?

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Ruiner.

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That's right...come on Ruiner!

<I><<The Ruiner springs to the top rope.  He looks behind him to check if
Nephilim is still in the same position...then leaps!!>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> HOLY MOTHER OF ALL COW HUMPERS!! Ruiner going for what
looked like a Stardust Press, but Nephilim rolled out of the way!! My God!!
Ruiner is holding his stomach and ribs...Nephilim is up!! Spinning forearm to
the throat!!!  Ruiner falls back against the turbuckle!! Nephilim jumps onto
the second turnbuckle ...he's calling for a DDT!!

<I><<The Ruiner then grabs Nephilim by the back and begins to walking away from
the turnbuckle..>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B>  Ruiner is fighting back!!  He drops Nephilim head first
on the top turnbuckle!!! Ruine back up quick--Falling reverse DDT on Nephilim!!
He hooks the leg!! One.......TWO!!!!!!!! THR--Noooo!!! Kickout by the Fallen

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Come on! Finish that bastard off!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B>  From the very beginning, Nephilim was my choice to
survive the Rumble then become the RAW Champion..I'm not so sure anymore

<B>Vic Studd:</B> You bet against Train?

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Umm...no, not really. But, you see...

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well 'Mind', you could be right, Ruiner seems to be just
do--I spoke too soon!!  Ruiner took a low blow there when he was lifting up
Nephilim!! Nephilim with a single leg take down on the Ruiner...he locks on an
ankle submission now.  Ruiner trying to fight away from this one...he gets into
the ropes. Wouldn't that be something, Mind?  If we saw the Ruiner TAP OUT

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B>  Well, there's a first time for everything!!  Nephilim
finaly breaks that hold and starts to get up..Ruiner's ankle might be hurt
now!! Whooaa!! Look at the fast feet from Nephie!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Come on Ruiner! Duck, bob, weave! Do something!

<I><<The Fallen One kicks Ruiner in the shin, then the gut, then switches to
the other leg and quickly kicks the Ruiner in the side then in the side of the

<B>Joey Morella:</B>  Very very amazing!!  A summersault leg drop tops it
off!!!  He covers the Ruiner!!!  One.......two........Nooo!!!  The kick out!!
Nephilim stomps on the Ruiner some now!!  He's laying those huge boots deep
into the back there, and into the head!!  Ruiner fighting to get to his
feet...Nephilim backs up and the Ruiner stands is there--modified Enziguri!!!
The Ruiner SPUN with that one!!!  Wow!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B>  Nephilim's gonna take this one!!  I can just feel it!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic please keep your mind on the match. Look at
this....the crowd seems to be sort of rallying around Nephilim right now!!  Who
would have thought this?  Nephilim whips the Ruiner into the far turnbuckle.
He's setting him on the top turnbuckle..and gives a couple shots into his
face--and Ruiner is busted open now.  Nephilim--

<I><<Nephilim jumps up and delivers a perfect top rope

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Damnit!!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> WHAT A MOVE!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> With hardly any energy left and he pulled that one out of
his hat!! This one is over!!! Nephilim's got it won!!!! He crawls over and
makes the cover on the Ruiner!!!!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B>  One!!!!!!!                           Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B>  Noooo!!!     Sooooo close!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Yeah!! No title for that Nepetism guy!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> That's Nephilim Vic and he almost ended the Ruiner's
chances of becoming champion!!  And I'm almost amazed that the Ruiner was able
to escape there..he almost seems to be one page behind Nephilim tonight!

<I><<Nephilim picks up the Ruiner by the hair and lifts him to his

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Suplex coming up..!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> He delivers!!! But he's holding on...he's lifting the
Ruiner up again... ....TWO SUPLEXES!!  Oh no...he's not going for a third now
is he?  He's pulling the Ruiner back up....Suuu Ruiner blocks!!  He blocks
again!  Ruiner with a knee to the mid secti--RUINATION DDT!!!!  From

<I><<Crowd is actually cheering the action as both men are putting on a great

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Where did he pull that thing from!!? Cover him you idiot!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Ruiner is spent, but he's ....yes, he
covers.....ONE.......TWO......TH-- NO!!! NO!!!! Nephilim gets a shoulder up and
Ruiner is on his knees and he can't believe that Nephilim just kicked out of
the Ruination DDT!!!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Me neither! That's a devastating DDT and he nailed him
with it!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Damnit!!

<I><<Fans all stand up and start cheering as they see Train walking towards the
ring area>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Vic, what's this?

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That is a 7 footer that has been robbed tonight!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> In the ring, we see Ruiner picking Nephilim up
and....slams him down! Now, Ruiner going towards the ropes and off of them
and....drops a big elbow to the chest of Nephilim.

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Well, Train stops near us here and Vic and him make eye
contact as the big man is now walking over towards the time keeper's table and
he grabs a chair!!

<I><<Train jumps up to the ring apron with a steel chair in his hands>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> That's right! Waffle his dirty ass!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Now, Ruiner picks up Nephilim and looks over his shoulder
as we see Train standing there and telling Ruiner to bring Nephilim towards

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Could we see Ruiner and Train working together here?

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Well, the referee is trying to get in between them and
he's telling Train not to use the chair or else!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> Or else what? Shut your pie hold Heenan! Come on big man,
whack him in the knogen!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Ruiner is getting Nephilim to his feet and now whips him
to the ropes where Train is standing and...JUMPING JAHOSAFATS!!!!!!! Nephilim
just stopped dead in his tracks and did a jumping sidekick into the chair and
it nailed Train in the head and he's down!!!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> Now, Ruiner with a stunned look on his face is running
towards Nephilim and....NO!!! Kick to the stomach of Ruiner!!! Nephilim has got
him locked in!!!

<I><<Fans are actually cheering him at this point>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> NO!!!! DAMNIT NO!!!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> OOOOOOOOO!!!!! He gave Ruiner his own RUINATION DDT!!!
Here's the cover......ONE!!!!!...........TWO!!!!!...........THREE!!!!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> AGHHHH $HIT!!!!! DAMNIT!!!

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> We have a NEW RAW World Champion!!!

<I><<Nephilim is sitting on the mat with his back to the corner breathing heavy
and dripping in sweat as the referee brings over the RAW World Title and
Angelique comes running in and grabs it from the referee's hand. Then, Nephilim
stands up and Angelique and him face each other, nod, and Angelique drapes the
gold over his shoulder>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> There he is!!! The NEW RAW World Champion!!

<B>Vic Studd:</B> I gotta do something about this....

<I><<Vic takes off his headset again and Train and him get into the ring and
stand on the opposite side as Nephilim and Angelique>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Oh my gosh....the VwO is going to try and ruin this moment
for Nephilim....Ruiner is just coming to there on the mat in front of Train and
Vic. But, they are staring at Nephilim.

<B>Johnny Heenan:</B> I hope that they don't attack Nephilim while.....OH MY

<I><<Vic and Train start beating on Ruiner unmercifully as Nephilim and
Angelique slip out of the ring and leave with their hands in the air>></I>

<B>Joey Morella:</B> They are all over Ruiner! Syn is screaming for this to
stop!! Train lifts him up and ....Grabs him around the throat!!! Here it
is.....TRAINWRECK!! TRAINWRECK!!! Vic now asks for a microphone.

<I><<We see Vic get the microphone handed to him and he begins to yell at the
Ruiner as he is down and out and writhing in pain on the ground>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> You couldn't get the job done, could you?!! All you had to do
was whip him into the ropes and you couldn't even do that!!

<I><<Vic kicks him in the head as he rolls onto his side>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> So, those who can't get the job done...should get dealt

<I><<Vic kicks Ruiner a couple more times as we hear Syn yelling in the
background and then, we hear RAW's hard rock theme song blast onto the loud
speakers as Mr Varona comes through the curtains and the fans are going

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Here's the prez!! He's coming down that aisle!!

<I><<Mr Varona stops about halfway up the aisle as we see Nephilim behind him
leaving through the curtains and he begins to speak>></I>

<B>Mr Varona:</B> Stop that right now Vic!

<I><<Vic stops and turns around as he looks down the aisle at Mr Varona with
Train standing right behind him>></I>

<B>Vic Studd:</B> You talkin' to me?

<B>Mr Varona:</B> Is there another Vic in that ring?

<I><<Vic gets a smirk on his face, but you can see that he's upset>></I>

<B>Mr Varona:</B> Listen up! The fans deserve better than this matchup that we
have lined up next. Hell, neither of you has a chance to win the title tonight
anyways. So, why don't we have this match really mean something...

<I><<Vic looks at Train with a curious look on his face>></I>

<B>Mr Varona:</B> Train...I'm sure you want a shot at Nephilim, right?

<I><<Train grabs the mic from Vic's hand>></I>

<B>Train:</B> You're damn right I do! I was cheated out of that win earlier!

<B>Mr Varona:</B> Well, you're gonna get a shot!

<I><<Fans cheer as Vic and Train slap hands and smile a bit>></I>

<B>Mr Varona:</B> But, not tonight! You see, on this upcoming Midweek
Massacre...it'll be Train versus Ruiner for the shot at the RAW World Title at
the 1st RAW PPV of the millenium!!

<I><<Fans cheer, but some boo because they realize that they aren't having
another match tonight>></I>

<B>Mr Varona:</B> But, until then...you cannot touch Ruiner again...or I will
award him the title shot automatically!

<B>Joey Morella:</B> Whoa! Mr Varona wants the senseless beating to stop and I
think he got his wishes here as Train and Vic are putting their hands up and
backing away from Ruiner!

<B>Mr Varona:</B> Good job...So, I guess I'll see you guys at Midweek Massacre!
Oh, and this week....it'll be on Thursday night just to let all the fans know!
See ya then boys!

<I><<Mr Varona walks away and through the curtains as we hear the RAW theme
music playing and we see shots of Ruiner down and Train & Vic looking down at
him as we fade to black>></I>