Major Changes At RAW – WWE Overhauls SSlam

Major Changes At RAW – WWE Overhauls SSlam

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Source: The Wrestling Observer

Alberto Del Rio has once again been victimized by WWEs haphazard
booking as his long planned match with John Cena at SummerSlam was
nixed hours before Monday nights RAW telecast in Hampton, ***ia.

Creative overhauled the match line-up for SummerSlam Monday afternoon
after deeming their creative plans for CM Punk for the event as
awful. Del Rio was effectively removed from the title picture as a
result. WWEs braintrust felt that had Punk not been slotted in the
title match, his much talked about storyline would extinguish.

Though Del Rio had the rug pulled out from under him once again,
creative has the 34-year-old pegged for a title run this fall. WWE
announced today they will present a landmark tour across Mexico this
October and a number of high ranking officials feel the countryman
returning as a conquering hero will garner a great deal of media

Meanwhile, The Miz was at one point scheduled to reign supreme in the
WWE Championship Tournament on RAW. Creative later changed their mind
and the WWE Championship was awarded to Rey Mysterio, who got to hold
the belt for approximately an hour and a half.