****Fantasy Federation Newsletter*****

****Fantasy Federation Newsletter*****

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Fantasy Federtion News

Thursday Raw 3-20-97

Tag Team Tournament
1st Round
Sabu & Ahmed Johnson vs. Sting & Giant (Undertaker was a sub for a no show
Both teams battle to a draw as time expired

Lex Luger & Bret Hart vs. Raven & Shawn Michaels
Luger & Hart won due to the DQ of Raven
Luger suffered an elbo injury and was not able to fight the rest of the

Dean Malenko & Ric Flair vs. Kevin Nash & Tommy Dreamer
Dreamer turn against Nash
Malenko pinned Nash after a flying cross-body

2nd Round
Ric Flair & Dean Malenko vs. Bret Hart & Lex Luger (Sabu sub for a hurt
Sabu & Hart won when Malenko was counted out

If you weren't online at 10:00 on thursday you must the fights that occur
after Raw. Many wrestlers wanted another chance to fight and as Prez i had
to give it to them.
All matches were street fights with no DQs

Kevin Nash vs. Dean Malenko
Sabu interfered
Nash won after a gutbuster

Tag Team Titles
Bret Hart & Sabu vs. Owen Hart & Tommy Dreamer
Dreamer pinned Bret Hart after an inside cradle
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