Warrior Talks About Wrestling Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 25, TNA & More

Warrior Talks About Wrestling Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 25, TNA & More

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Warrior Talks About Wrestling Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 25, TNA &
Submitted by Michael Bluth on July 30, 2008 - 2:22pm
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Source: Newsday.com

The Ultimate Warrior was interviewed by Newsday recently and discussed
a number of topics, including wrestling at WrestleMania 25, rumors of
him working for TNA, getting into "ring shape" for his NWE return and
more. You can read the entire interview at this link. Some highlights:

Getting motivated for his return match: Thats the thing that drove
me the most - the challenge of it. I was inspired by the challenge. I
want to be inspired. Im not inspired by much, or what going on in
culture today. And that directly connected to wrestling. I don't watch
professional wrestling. I dont watch it at all. When I say that to
people. They dont believe it. I dont watch any television hardly at
all. Im not really interested or inspired by any programming. Ive
never watched a television serial show, Ive never watched an episode
of Survivor or Lost or the most popular shows - the Sopranos. Never
once. I just dont. Id rather read or do something, get out, get in
sports, or get active myself. I find a lot that Im always motivating
myself. very rarely am I motivated by other people. So this was an
opportunity to do that.

The possibility of a more extended ring return: Oh, I dont know. A
lot people immediately started talking. All the experts. David Putz-
ner started talking that there was a discussions going on (with TNA).
There was never a discussion with TNA about anything. There wasnt any
larger plan to try to stir the interest or curiosity of TNA or WWE.

Rumors of him being involved in WrestleMania XXV:
I was doing some media stuff on the radio and some long time fan of
wrestling and WrestleMania (and I)... had an exchange about
WrestleMania 25. I was basically saying sarcastically, Yeah, theyve
used all the other bums up. On a silver anniversary WrestleMania, they
need to do something special. So how about something between me and
McMahon?" I think the better match would be between me and Shane
McMahon. That would inspire me more to do some more serious training.
I think Shane is a real go-getter. I think hes a real inspiring kid.