"Real Pro Wrestling" judged, found...

"Real Pro Wrestling" judged, found...

Post by Krust » Fri, 29 Apr 2005 14:38:18

...Really really ***ing good.

I don't care. I don't care if it's not a work. I don't care if it's
somewhat...well...not so flashy, or kinda cheesy, or something.

Dammit, it *really* is great tv. It's obvious it's going to take a LOT
to light a fire under this show, audience-wise, because the action will
go over the heads of 99% of the audience out there watching TV. But if
you're a fan of *wrestling* and you like grapplers, and tend to lean
towards grappling styles in MMA, you'll love it. It's technical, it's
fast, and I honestly have a great deal of respect for the skills these
guys display. They're legit top notch wrestlers and so far, it's done a
great job of being somewhat "explosive".

Now...if you're a fan of *professional* wrestling...I dunno. You're
going to have to have a background in amateur wrestling and you're going
to have to let the whole idea of a work go out the window. There are no
angles, there are no "stories" and there are no "characters". It's much
the same as the UFC has been doing, building pseudo-angles around the
way the action in the ring dictates. There are natural "feuds" and
natural "angles" that arise from the way they've set up the competition,
so they've done a terrific job of making amateur wrestling more
"interesting" or "tv-friendly".

I'd love to see it get a push, get an audience, and last past this
season. I sat down tonight to watch the first couple of episodes that I
had tivo'ed on FSN, where apparently it's also airing besides PAX, and
I'm sold. I'm going to stick with it, because at this point, I'm
actually engaged...


"Real Pro Wrestling" judged, found...

Post by gryphon.. » Sat, 30 Apr 2005 02:50:02

Having followed wrestling, both "real" and "scripted", for 40 [my God!]
years. I agree with your post about RPW and do not miss an episode.