"The Fabulous One" Pushes: Power Pro-Wrestling ...

"The Fabulous One" Pushes: Power Pro-Wrestling ...

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Power Pro-Wrestling

   -= Introduction
       - Mission Statement

   -= Media Scene
       - Power Hour
       - Malicious Monday

   -= Rules
       - General Federation Rules

   -=  Staff
       - President
       - Match Writers
       - Staff Openings

   -= Application
       - Become a Member

   -= Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Power Pro-Wrestling Federation.  The PPW has
been in the works for several years, and we have picked now to unvail our
inovative ideas, and our plans to house the most elite wrestlers out there
today.  Our concept is to take those who are already known as the elite in
this sport, and bring them to the dance against the opponents of an equal
caliber.  The man who holds the PPW World Heavyweight Championship belt, should
be known as the greatest wrestler in the buisness.  Be sure to check out the
rest of our packet, and fill out our application.  You can bet that the PPW is
a perfect home for your e-wrestler.

           - Power Hour

This is the main show for PPW.  It takes place from the Power-Pro arena in
Menands NY, and shows matches that the PPW has taped from all over the world.
This card is written out in full commentary, and will see the World
Telivision Title Defended every week.  Takes place on Thursdays.

         - Malicious Monday

This is the secondary show for the PPW.  It is a house show that will feature
some dark matches, as well as in-rings and federation updates.  It will have
one main event written in full commentary. Takes place on Mondays

           - Roleplay Packets

The PPW will send out its roleplays in packets in the form of a show called
"Elite Sheet."  This is the spot where your wrestler will be heard.  It comes
out on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  All Roleplays will go out through

  -= Rules

As an Elite Roleplayer, you know all of the basic rules so there is no need
to go into that.  The PPW enforces only a handful of rules, such as your must
Roleplay to win, You can send up to four Roleplays a week, but no more.  All
deadlines must be aheared to for the work to count, and most of all just have

Roleplay Rules: These are Extremely important, becasue in this game,
roleplaying is everything.  If you don't send in flashes, you won't win with
out a doubt.  I will only remind once of a lack of Roleplaying, then you will
be asked to leave the PPW.

  [ Staff ]

         - President:
Michael Cooper

         - Match Writers:
Michael Cooper
Michael Proctor
Chris Williams

         - Staff Openings
Match Writers
Pay Per View Match Writers

  [ Application ]

         - Opening Date:

The PPW plans to open its doors on Sunday, December 5th with the first
edition of Power Hour, in which the first World Telivision Champion
will be crownded.

         - Application:

Wrestlers Name:
Wrestlers Height:
Wrestlers Weight:
Wrestlers Hometown:
Wrestlers Entrance Theme:
Wrestlers Entrance Written Out By You:
         [ This is Very Important, your Wrestlers Entrance Written Out by
you should include the fan reaction, what your wrestlers wearing
ect. ]
Wrestlers Favorite Manuver:
Five Holds Wrestler Usually Uses During Match:

Wrestlers Set Up Manuver:    
Wrestlers Finishing Manuver:    
Wrestlers Set Up Manuver, and Finishing Hold Explained:
Wrestlers Sample Roleplay: