Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 6.12.05 Triple H needs to prove mettle

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 6.12.05 Triple H needs to prove mettle

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Triple H needs to prove mettle

By Rennie Detore

Sunday, June 12, 2005

In true Triple H fashion, he spent the majority of his face-to-face
contract signing with Batista last Monday hyping his greatness in
favor of the match.
Batista defends his "Raw" World Heavyweight Title against Hunter at
"Vengeance" on June 26 in a Hell in a Cell match.

Triple H reminded fans ad nauseam that he's undefeated in Hell in a
Cell matches, and that he's destined for another lackluster
championship tenure -- his 11th to be exact.

If Triple H truly is the centerpiece of WWE, then his time to prove it
has arrived: Send "The Game" to "Smackdown."

WWE is in the process of shifting superstars from one brand to another
in an effort to make "Smackdown" more of a viable entity than it has
been in the past year.

And what better way to improve "Smackdown" than to send Triple H to
the show.

The thought of "Raw" without Triple H is an exciting notion, one that
could afford Christian, Shelton Benjamin and Edge with more exposure
and a better main-event opportunity.

Even more intriguing would be how Triple H handles the move from WWE's
coveted Monday night show to the lowly Thursday night little brother.

Triple H nearly joined "Smackdown" last year during the 2004 Lottery
Draft after he was selected by then-general manager Paul Heyman. Three
days later, Triple H was "traded" back to "Raw."

Translation: WWE's self-professed No. 1 superstar didn't want to
wrestle on the company's No. 2 program.

Hunter constantly boasts about how he's the best wrestler of his, or
any, generation. Instead of Triple H running down his accolades on a
week-to-week basis, he needs to prove his dedication through action,
not words.

"The Game" should be leading this company by example, and offering
himself to "Smackdown" would be an ideal way to begin. The gesture
would be one of Hunter's first that put WWE ahead of his own agenda.

Maybe, "The Game" is afraid.

Perhaps Triple H might be forgotten.

Perhaps Triple H fears that if he heads to "Smackdown" and the show
still struggles that he'll be exposed as a fraud.

Perhaps too many fans and "Raw" wrestlers might rejoice at the thought
of reading the results of the pre-tapped "Smackdown" and being able to
anticipate -- and fast-forward -- Hunter's untimely, long-winded

Ironically, however, Triple H wouldn't have to talk so much on
"Smackdown." Hunter unselfishly offering himself to the brand, in
favor of protecting his longevity, would be a real step toward proving
just how great he is.

Breaking promises

The first round of WWE Lottery Draft has come and gone, and
"Smackdown" world champion John Cena jumped to "Raw" in a shocking
move. But what could be more surprising is if Cena actually stays put.

Vince McMahon added intrigue by including world champions as potential
draftees this year, which explains Cena's defection from "Smackdown"
to "Raw."

But along with an unprecedented champions-included stipulation,
McMahon also employed a post-draft trading period that ends midnight
June 30. WWE has downplayed that aspect of the lottery draft for TV
purposes, suggesting that the roster shuffling isn't necessarily

The few fans privy to that information may already begin wondering
whether Cena quietly will be traded back to "Smackdown" when the
cameras aren't rolling.

Shifting Cena back to "Smackdown" undermines the unpredictability
behind the draft concept, which McMahon gushed over only a few weeks
ago on "Raw." McMahon speaking so highly of the draft and not
delivering as promised destroys the believability of both McMahon and