Earl Hebner Talks About Who Screwed Bret, Vince McMahon, The Night Owen Hart Died And More

Earl Hebner Talks About Who Screwed Bret, Vince McMahon, The Night Owen Hart Died And More

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Earl Hebner did a Q&A today as part of the Fanslam convention in Totowa. New

Former WWE referee Earl Hebner did a Q&A today at the Fanslam convention in
New Jersey.  Hebner announced that he and his brother Dave are writing a
book, so there are some things he can't answer but he will be as truthful as
he can.

The Montreal screwjob was brought up.  Hebner said the bell was going to
ring regardless of what he did, even if he left the ring.  He said Hart knew
nothing that day.  He said Vince screwed Bret but he had a little to do with
it.  He said he doesn't know who was in on it and he did what he had to do.

When asked about breaking in, he said he and Dave broke in doing concessions
for the NWA in ***ia.  He said Tommy Young broke him in and said Young
was the best ever.

When asked about guys hard to work with, he said sometimes there were hard
headed guys but he didn't have a problem with them.  He said he's had
injuries everywhere and the last year was the worst and this year's
Wrestlemania would have been his last due to Father Time catching up to him.

When asked about WWE, he said Vince McMahon gives everybody the same chance
to go from a nobody to a star.  When asked about giving away info about the
business, he said anyone who stooges deserves to be fired because there's no
reason to watch if you know what's going on.

When asked about great matches in the NWA, Hebner said his first match with
Ric Flair, he was nervous as hell and still screwed it up, as it was a best
of three falls match and he counted Flair down when he didn't.

When asked about the toughest match to referee, he said the Owen Hart vs.
Steve Austin bout when Austin broke his neck and the HHH vs. Angle match
where Angle was Pedigreed through a table and was out.

When asked about Owen Hart, he said its a shame when anyone gets hurt or
dies,  When asked about keeping the show going, he said it was a good thing
to keep your mind off it as opposed to going back to the bar and getting
drunk and depressed.  He said if something happened to a McMahon, Vince
would keep the show going.  He said the business is like a family and that's
what the family needed.

When asked about putting ideas into matches, Earl said he's given
suggestions for a lot of matches.  When asked about genuine dislike between
guys, he told the story of Rick Rude legitimately kicking the ***out of
the Ultimate Warrior and chasing him around.

When asked about the evil twin referee angle when Hulk Hogan lost the WWF
title to Andre the Giant.  He said it was one of the best angles ever and he
was really nervous.  He said he had a half inch of bone taken out of his
rotator cuff because when he was tossed from the ring and Virgil and Ted
DiBiase didn't catch him right.  He said that he doesn't know how it never
got out and buried that today people in the office would stooge it to the

When asked about referees now using earpieces, he said it was better because
it was his idea as a way to tighten up the TV and PPV shows and to know when
they were on commercial.  He said the downside is its harder to take bumps
with the box in your pocket and the earpiece.

When asked who was the best WWE worker, Hebner said Undertaker, Steve
Austin, and HHH but said it's hard to pinpoint just one name.

When asked about Jim Ross, he said his removal was "brutal" and the company
has changed in the last year.  He said that when he started it was like a
family and he could talk to Vince McMahon anytime but now its different.  He
said there are a lot of unhappy people there but they need jobs.

When asked about steroids, he said its out of hand in all sports.  He said
you can see who's using them from their growth over time.  He said he
doesn't know if the business will ever adhere to standards.

When asked about Nick Patrick, he shot down a rumor there were issues
between the two.  He said they did an angle but there was no heat.  He
praised Tim White as well, noting he had surgery 2 weeks ago because of
problems with his arm stemming from the Hell in the Cell injury.

When asked when storylines and angles are decided, Hebner said things change
anywhere from 6 hours before the show starts and can until they are in the

When asked about the WCW Invasion, he said there might have been individuals
who didn't like others but they all wanted to make money.

When asked about good friends, Hebner praised Ric Flair and also said
Undertaker and Steve Austin.  He said Flair loves what he does and is
wrestling while he feels he's in shape.

When asked about the current direction, he said TNA has more wrestling then
you do on a WWE show.  He said it will get worse if WWE stays on their
current road.

When asked about Steve Austin, he said he didn't think Austin can do a match
where he could hurt his neck and it's not worth it to chance a freak

When asked about guys conveying they were hurt, he told a story of Tatanka
slamming an enhancement guy and his arm breaking.  He says he can tell a lot
of injuries when they happen because he's so used to working with guys.  He
said if you are hurt why keep going and chance hurting yourself more.  When
asked about worst injury, he brought up Droz's injury and said the business
has moved away from things that could impact the neck.

When asked about ribbers, he said Owen Hart could bring you up when you were
having the worst day of your life.

When asked about road stories, he said he traveled with Ric Flair and
couldn't keep up.

When the You Screwed Bret chants are brought up, he admitted to liking them
and joked he was able to keep his heat.

Heber brought up his firing from WWE and said the stories that are out there
are lies and the truth will come out in his book.  He said there's a change
in WWE with the new regime under Johnny Ace.  He said he doesn't want to go
back in the business 24/7 at this point and he's been able to enjoy life
home with his kids.  He said being home every Sunday is great.  He noted
never say never in the business as you never know who will be back.  He
praised Vince McMahon as a great guy.


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