Comic-Con: Star Wars Panel Report

Comic-Con: Star Wars Panel Report

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Comic-Con: Star Wars Panel Report

Posted Jul 27th 2007 11:20PM by Julia Ward
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While the thirty years of Star Wars panel featured plenty of video
game previews and Lucas-approved montages of the fans that have made
him one seriously wealthy man, it also featured a special preview of
Family Guy's season premiere - a one hour Star Wars tribute starring
Stewie as Lord Vader, of course. Who else were you expecting to don
Vader's robes?

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane joined Lucasfilms' fan liaison
Stephen Sansweet on stage for a short interview. Let me point out that
while everyone on every single panel joked about being drunk, only
MacFarlane brought the plastic beer-filled cup up on stage with him.
I'm glad someone's enjoying the Comic-Con kegger.

MacFarlane relayed how he and his staff are avid Star Wars fans and
how Fox suggested they approach Lucas to do a full-length Star Wars
parody episode because their Star Wars references had become so
copious that Lucas probably had the grounds to sue them anyway.

The clips MacFarlane showed included a very funny scrolling text
mimicking the Star Wars opening, which decried everything from Luke
and Leia's ***uous kiss to, ummm..., Angelina Jolie and her
brother's ***uous kiss. Other highlights: The opening title card
read, "A long time ago, but somehow in the future." Brian as a wookie,
and seeing Stewie in his Vader outfit. Peter played Han, and Chris
played Luke in the TIE fighter sequence for the first film. Why are
they called TIE fighters? Apparently, they're Thai. But, best of all,
the team from Family Guy also managed to throw an Airplane! joke or
two into the script.

Lucasfilm also shared the preview trailer for the Star Wars animated
series, but that's been online for weeks. They did confirm that there
will be a live action television version of Star Wars by the close of
the decade so you'll only have to hold your breath for three or so
more years.