Shannon Moore tweets about releases?

Shannon Moore tweets about releases?

Post by Smart Ape - RIP R-Trut » Sat, 24 Apr 2010 23:52:31


Steven Fernandes sent this item. ... Shannon Moore tweeted the following
after hearing about the WWE releases. "It sucks to hear that people lost
jobs today. From what I hear that place is a black hole anyway. Alot of
peeps are miserable going to work. They dont understand what talent is. They
would rather hire a jackass that don't know nothing about the biz rather
than someone that loves it and pay pennies on the dollar to get someone to
sign their life away. I think that the talent should think about making the
jump. I thank god everyday for my chance to be family with TNA. From the

thank you for bringing me into the family. I love going to work. Hogan F'N
rocks. I wear TNA colors with pride and will bust my ass to better the
company.TNA TNA TNA TNA."

Chris from sent this. ... Today I was interviewing Maria,
and literally in the middle of it, she *gasped* out loud. She had just read
about Mickie's release while she was answering one of my questions. She and
Mickie used to be best friends, so she had a few things to say about the
release (and Katie's too). You can listen by clicking here.
--- "Damn, dirty fleas."