Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling [Part 3]

Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling [Part 3]

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 /               \     \      /          /_____|     Interview with
 |    ||     |      \/\/         //                 Johnny Blue Jeans
 |    |___|     |                   /  \                  
 \               /\        _       /     |
=\_______/ =\___/=\___/=\_______| ==========================

["Beer Swillin' Blues" by Johnny Blue Jeans begins to blare over the PA






[The crowd comes to their feet as former country singing superstar, now
professional wrestler, Johnny Blue Jeans, struts down to the ring.  He's
wearing wall-to-wall glitter, from his jacket down to his boots.  Before
entering the ring, he walks over to an attractive female fan.  He takes a pair
of glittery "JOHNNY'S GIRL" sunglasses out of his jacket and places them on the
young woman.  He walks over to the time keeper's table, takes the microphone
from the ring announcer, and enters the ring.]  


[Huge pop from the crowd.]


JoHNNY BLUE JEANS:  Now quiet down, kids.  Johnny has somethin' ta say.  I
ain't on tonight's card.

CROWD:  Awwwww...

JOHNNY BLUE JEANS:  But, that ain't gonna stop me from getting a few things off
my chest, now is it?  HECK NO!  As some of my more loyal fans might know, I
decided to turn to the world of professional wrestling after I conquered
country western music scene.  I grew up watchin' such superstars as Dusty
Rhodes, Ric Flair, and Jack Brisco and thought, "Woo Doggie!  Johnny can do
_that_!!"  It was sort of a childhood dream come true for Johnny when the OWC
called my trainer up and asked for my services here.

Now, you folks here and at home may be askin' yourself, "What's Johnny gonna do
in the OWC?"  Welp, I'll be the first ta tell ya'll that I have goals here.  I
wanna conquer the OWC just like I conquered the world of country music.
Instead, I'll be winnin' titles, not Grammies.  I also wanna make sure that the
rulebreakin', cheatin' vermin stays the _HECK_ outta the OWC.  Johnny here is a
clean fighter and he wants his opponents ta be the same way.

I'm also not the type ta back away from challenges.  You wanna face me?  You
let me know.  I'm here ta face all comers... big, little, short, tall, fat,
skinny.  I don't care who, what, when, why, or how.  I will sign the contract
so it will happen.  But you best remember, however, that when ya'll sign a
contract to face good ol' Johnny, prepare to go down for the...



[Johnny points the microphone towards the crowd.]


JOHNNY BLUE JEANS:  Ain't _that_ the truth?

[Johnny Blue Jeans drops the microphone, raises his hands in the air for one
last bask in the fans' cheers, and leaves the ring.]

[Johnny Blue Jeans drops the microphone, raises his hands in the air for one
last bask in the fans' cheers, and leaves the ring.]

=/\\ ====//| ==========================
 /               \     \      /          /_____|     Singles Action
 |    ||     |      \/\/         //                     John Roy vs. Matt
 |    |___|     |                   /  \                        by Janet
 \               /\        _       /     |
=\_______/ =\___/=\___/=\_______| ==========================

NATHAN LIOTTA -  What a matchup this looks to be.  Our commentator slash
wrestler, "Crackhead" John Roy will be in action against Matt Blazer.

MAX FEMMIA -  And Roy is gonna make an example out of this here Matt Blazer.

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Without further ado, lets take it to the ring to Michael
Morgan for our opening announcements.

MICHAEL MORGAN - This match is scheduled for one fall with a fif*** minute
time limit!

NATHAN LIOTTA - I think this is gonna be a real slobberknocker, folks.

["Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns N Roses begins to play.]

MICHAEL MORGAN - Introducing first... from New York City.... weighing 245

[Matt Blazer emerges from behind the entrance curtains, receiving HUGE POPS
from the crowd.  Blazer gets into some conversation's on his way to the ring.
He sees a hot girl.  He walks over and talks to her and gives her a kiss.  He
then hops onto the apron and jumps over the ropes.]

MAX FEMMIA - I feel sorry for that girl.  God knows where this guy has been.

MICHAEL MORGAN - And his opponent...  

["Hits From The Bong" by Cypress Hill hits the PA as the crowd gets up on their
feet and begins to make all kinds of noise and ruckus.  "Crackhead" John Roy
parts the curtain and steps through pointing the to ring, smiling.]  

MICHAEL MORGAN - ... weighing in at 277 pounds and hailing from Waco, Texas,
accompanied to the ring by his floozy "Crack***" Suzie Graham, I give you....

[The crowd continues to be loud and throw things as Roy makes his way down to
the ring.  He wears a pair of long brown britches to the ring, along with a
brown vest.  On his face are a pair of round blue shades.  His chest, arms and
abs are cut nicely and he has chiseled features.  He has ear-length light brown
hair, no *** hair.  Behind him, is "Crack***" Suzie wearing a green and
white flowered dress, dragging herself along.  She looks lost and in some sort
of a daze.  Roy hops up into the ring and rips off his leather britches,
revealing a pair of short black tights.  He gives a big yell out to the crowd,
who precedes to boo and toss things at him.  He steps up onto the second rope
and raises his arms and yells, they boo some more.  Roy flips off a fan, and
gets ready for action.]

MAX FEMMIA - Good God.  They hate Roy!  But, with the name "Crackhead", what do
you expect?

NATHAN LIOTTA -   But listen to this ovation for Matt Blazer. It's deafening!!
It hasn't stopped since he was introduced and he was introduced first!

MAX FEMMIA -   Blazer is a favorite here... no question.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   What do you expect to see from these two men, Max?

MAX FEMMIA -   Well, from Roy, I expect to see some skullduggery. He'll try and
win using unfair rulebreaking tactics, I assure you. That isn't taking anything
away from Roy's ability.  When he wants to be, he could really shine

NATHAN LIOTTA -   What about from Blazer?

MAX FEMMIA -   I don't think we will see any cheating from him. The fans like
Blazer, for being one of the only wrestlers about, who's arsenal is made up
mainly of wrestling moves, not brawling tactics.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Any predictions?

MAX FEMMIA -   I wouldn't like to commit myself.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Haha, I wouldn't mind committing you, Max.  As we see fans,
they are about to lock up. Blazer overpowers Roy, and drops down with a
Japanese Armdrag takedown, and the fans love it.

MAX FEMMIA -   It's early doors yet.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   In anycase, Roy is livid. Blazer keeps his eyes squarely on
Roy. Roy gets up, and calls for a Greco-Roman knucklelock.

MAX FEMMIA -   Or, as we in the 20th century call it, a test of strength.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Absolutely. Roy has one arm in the air, and is inviting
Blazer for a test of strength. Roy has a hand behind his back. The fans are
telling Blazer not to go in for it. Look at the look on Roy's face. He looks so
innocent, doesn't he?

MAX FEMMIA - Why yes he does, Norman!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  I was being sarcastic.  I'd trust him less than I would a cat
looking after a goldfish.

MAX FEMMIA - But look at the guy.  He's wrestling's answer to Teddy Ruxpin.  So
cute, cuddly, and lovable.  Everything you'd expect from a man with the
nickname, "Crackhead".

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Blazer's hand goes up, and the hands lock together. Roy goes
for a boot to the midsection, but his foot is caught by Blazer. Blazer smiles
at Roy, and Roy is pleading while hopping.  Blazer with a legdrag into a leg
grapevine. Excellent maneuver!

MAX FEMMIA -   There is that submissionist flavor in Blaze's repertoire. He's
pulling back on that leg, and Roy is in obvious pain, but, if you ask me, it's
far too early for a submission.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Roy is at the ropes, and he pulls himself to the outside. The
fans are going crazy on the outside.

MAX FEMMIA -   Someone just threw their drink at Roy.  He ignores it and comes
back in.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Obviously, that fan has mistaken this for a WCW event.  Back
in the ring, they lock up for the third time. A quick knee to the gut by Roy.
An eye gouge and a clothesline.

MAX FEMMIA -   Good combination of moves, and the pendulum has swung.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Roy stomps Blazer in the head. Blazer is back down on the
mat, and Roy follows up with a legdrop to the back of the neck. Roy picks up
Blazer and nails him with a European uppercut to the face.

MAX FEMMIA -   Swinging neckbreaker by Roy. Roy goes to the ropes and shouts at
the fans.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Blazer gets a breather, but not a long one as here comes Roy

MAX FEMMIA -   Yes, but Roy is a smart guy. He knows that there has been a
breather, and even Blazer can't apply a submission from that angle.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   I think you may be right.

MAX FEMMIA -   I'm always right, Nick.  Roy picks up Blazer and slaps him in
the face.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   That will only get Blazer mad. "The Legacy" looks like he's
about to go off.

MAX FEMMIA -   Blazer gets enough to slap him back, and that slap sends Roy
down.  Blazer has a chinlock on.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   The chinlock, wearing down Roy and giving Blazer a breather.

MAX FEMMIA -   Roy is getting to his feet now. He stumbles over the ropes, and
both men tumble to the floor.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Wait a second.... look at Roy... he's crawled over and gotten
a chair!!  Roy has got a chair!

MAX FEMMIA - This does not bode well for Blazer.


MAX FEMMIA - Roy with a stiff chairshot to the head of Blazer!  Look at the

NATHAN LIOTTA - I'd rather not, Max.

MAX FEMMIA - No, Norm.  Look at her.  She's so pleased right now.  She's
literally dancing around the outside of the ring.

NATHAN LIOTTA - I'd rather not see that!  Roy rolls Blazer back into the ring.
He re-enters the ring himself.  The cover by Roy!  One!  Two!  Three!  NO
SIR!!!  Blazer got a foot on the bottom rope!

MAX FEMMIA -   John Roy has won here!

NATHAN LIOTTA -   NO!!! The ref spots the foot, and orders the match to

MAX FEMMIA -   Good Lord, that was close, and as you can see, Roy is livid.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Roy picks up the bruised and battered Blazer. He sets him up
for a piledriver, and connects beautifully.

MAX FEMMIA - This one is over.  ONE!  TWO!  KICK OUT!!!

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Look at Roy.  He is staring in disbelief.

MAX FEMMIA -   The resiliency being shown by the Matt Blazer is unbelievable.
Even I'm impressed, folks.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   Roy with a hammerlock bodyslam. He's going to the top rope.

MAX FEMMIA -   If he connects with this, it is over.

NATHAN LIOTTA -   A flying legdrop, right across the throat. The cover now!
One!  Two!  No!  Shoulder up!

MAX FEMMIA - Roy is really getting frustrated.  

NATHAN LIOTTA - That could be his downfall in this match, Max.

MAX FEMMIA - He pulls Blazer up by the hair.  Sends him into the ropes!  Roy
misses with a clothesline!!  Blazer comes off the ropes!  Flying bodypress?!

NATHAN LIOTTA - No, Roy reverses it into a sidewalk slam!!


NATHAN LIOTTA - Roy with the cover!  One!  Two!  Three!  He got 'em!!!

MAX FEMMIA - Matt Blazer comes up with the shorter end of the stick in this

NATHAN LIOTTA - However, both competitors really fought tooth and nail.  It was
a back and forth match.... real close call.

MICHAEL MORGAN - The winner of the match... at seven minutes and three

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Roy with an impressive win, we'll be back after this break!

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