Flashback Show VII (pre-HH3) pt. 3

Flashback Show VII (pre-HH3) pt. 3

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Highlights from the first Colby Cup Tournament



TS:  Robertson is victorious, but he sure doesn't look like it.  Robertson

tries to stand up but that left leg just doesn't seem to want to hold his

weight anymore.  

RS:  There is no way Robertson is going to be able to fight again later

tonight.  The medics are out from the back and they are now putting Robertson

into a stretcher.  

(Zero by Smashing Pumpkins plays over the PA.  There is a small amount of

cheering at the sound of Robertson's music.  Wright now has come around and

sees Robertson being carried away in that stretcher.  Wright rolls to the

outside and gets in the face of Robertson as he walks towards the back.)

BOB ORTIZ:  Your winner of the match is Al Robertson!!!

TS:  What a gentleman.  Wright is just laughing in the face of Robertson.  It

is obvious that Wright has injured the left knee of Robertson and he somehow

thinks this is funny.

RS:  What's this?  The Enforcer has just walked out from behind the curtain.

He's got a chair.  What's he going to do?  Oh no.  Enforcer slams that chair

down across the already damaged knee of Robertson.

TS:  And again.  And again.  Enforcer is just going to town with that chair.

Enforcer is trying to make sure that Robertson in unable to wrestle in the

second round.  This is unbelievable.

RS:  Despicable is more like it.  FInally, security comes out and gets the

Enforcer out of here.

TS:  Yeah, but the damage was done.  Al Robertson is going to be hard pressed

to be ready for his second round matchup.


[The CandyMan vs. Nevermind]

RS:  Well, the next match here tonight is one of the ones I am really looking

forward too.  

TS:  It will feature Candyman locking up with Nevermind in what should be a

classic.  Candyman is a virutal unknown in IWC, but he has gotten everyone's

attention of late.

RS:  What was originally figured to be a cake walk for Nevermind may turn out

to be the best matchup of the first round.  Bob is ready for introductions.

BOB ORTIZ:  Introducing first...

(Lollipop by Aqua plays over the PA.  There is a huge crowd pop.)

BOB ORTIZ:  Hailing from Chicago Illinois... standing at 6'20 and weighing 325

pounds... here is the Candyman!!!!!

(Candyman is wearing red and white trunks with red boots and white gloves.)

TS:  This Chicago crowd is really getting behind their hometown hero.

Candyman is just soaking up all the applause as he makes his way to ringside.

RS:  It is obvious who the crowd wants to win this thing.

BOB ORTIZ: and his opponent...

(Smells Like *** Spirit by Nirvana blares over the PA)

BOB ORTIZ:  From Seattle Washington, standing at 6'5 and weighing in at 285

pounds... NEVERMIND!!!!!!

(Nevermind is wearing his typical grunge look, black boots, torn jeans  and a

faded t-shirt.  Tonight his hais is died red and has white streaks... vaguely

resembling a peppermint.  He is carrying a large candy cane taking an

occasional*** in his way to ringside.)

TS:  Nevermind obviously trying to get under the skin of Candyman right from

the star.  I just don't know how wise that is.

*Ding Ding Ding*

RS:  Just like that, we are ready to get this one going.  Well let's see what

wins out, the brawling style of Nevermind or the power game of the Candyman.

TS:  The two men are quick to lock up and Candyman gets Nevermind into a side

headlock.  Throws him into the ropes and a big running clothesline by Candyman

floors Nevermind.

RS:  Nevermind quickly back to his feet though and Candyman over to lock him

in a front facelock.  He lifts him and suplexes him down to the mat.  

TS:  A couple of good moves from Candyman right off the bat.  Candymand back

to his feet and helping Nevermind up locks him up around the waist.  Belly-to-

belly suplex coming up.

RS:  He hits it.  Nevermind taking a bit of punishment right off the bat.

Candyman going for the quick pin.  



TS:  No.  Barely two as Nevermind kicks out.  Candyman back to his feet and

Nevermind slowly getting to his as well.  Candyman with a body slam.  

RS:  Big splash on the way... Nevermind moves.  Nevermind rolls over to the

ropes and uses them to get back to his feet.  Candyman is up as well.  

TS:  Nevermind with a front leg sweep has Candyman off balanced.  And with a

standing dropkick, knocks him off of his feet.

RS:  Nevermind stringing together a few solid mat wrestling moves in a row.

Candyman slowly getting back up to his feet...

TS:  Nevermind is quick to pounce on him though and picks him up.... nice

spinebuster!!!  Great move by Nevermind.  

RS:  Nevermind now grabs the legs of Candyman and is trying to turn him over

for a Boston crab.  Candyman over to the ropes and holding on keeping

Nevermind from being able to turn it over.

TS:  Nevermind releases the hold and just as he goes to grab Candyman to get

him back to his feet to do more damage, Candyman instead rolls out of the


RS:  Nevermind just backing away and allowing Candyman to get himself back

into the ring.  Candyman taking a moment to catch his breath then gets back

onto the apron and into the ring.  

TS:  The two men now circling one another straing at each other.  This match

has been very even so far.  

RS:  Candyman now holding up his hand and looking for a test of strength.

Nevermind reaches up and grabs the hand.. no the arm and turns it over into an

arm bar.  

TS:  Candyman takes a swat at him with the other hand which Nevermind ducks

under and then Nevermind with an armdrag takeover.  Nice series of moves by


RS:  Nevermind seems to have Candyman completely caught off guard as he is

sticking to mat wrestling rather than brawling.  This is not what any of us


TS:  Nevermind back to his feet now as is Candyman.  Nevermind throws him off

the ropes.  Candyman comes off and gets caught in a bear hug by Nevermind!!!

RS:  Nevermind is a very strong man, something that is often overlooked.

Candyman is in a bit of trouble.

Crowd:  Can-DEE Can-DEE Can-DEE Can-DEE CanDEE

TS:  The crowd getting behind the Candyman.  Candyman now looking for away out

of this bearhug.  You can see the fans are giving him an adrenaline rush.  He

locks his arms around Nevermind and delivers another big belly-to-belly


RS:  Those big suplexes have got to start taking there toll on Nevermind.

Candyman back up to his feet and helps Nevermind to his.  

TS:  Big scoop be Candyman and he has Nevermind over his shoulder.  Powerslam

by the big man.  He goes for the cover.



RS:  No!  again only a two count as Nevermind is able to kick out.  Candyman

quickly back to his feet.  He lifts Nevermind up high over his head... gorilla

press slam on the way... and Nevermind starts to put up a fight.  

TS:  He is wiggling out of Candyman's grasp.  Candyman drops him.  Nevermind

hits the mat hard and rolls out to the floor.  

(big crowd pop)

RS:  The crowd is going wild.  They want Candyman to take it to the outside

and put away Nevermind.  

TS:  Candyman has obviously done his homework though.  He seems leery to go to

the outside.  Wait, Nevermind is getting back up.  

RS:   Candyman is coming over to the ropes, I think he wants to pull him back


TS:  Yeah, but Nevermind just grabbed a hold of his legs and pulled him off of

his feet and to the floor.

RS:  Nevermind shoves Candyman back hard into the apron.  Nevermind is

wrestling a very smart match, mostly focusing on the back area of Candyman.

TS:  Nevermind now irish *** Candyman into the ring steps.  The damage

done, Nevermind rolls into the ring and just sits there waiting for Candyman

to get back in.

RS:  Candyman slowly getting back to his feet and he climbs back into the

ring.  Nevermind quickly over and grabs Candyman and is setting him for a


TS:  He lifts him...no.  Candyman reverses it and he suplexes Nevermind.

Candyman has turned the tides again.

RS:  What a match Thomas.  This one could still go either way.  Candyman up to

his feet first.  Nevermind setting him up for a pile driver...

TS:  And he drives him hard down into the mat.  Cover by Candyman...




TS:  No.  Nevermind just does kick out.  Candyman has got to be wondering what

it is going to take to put this one away.  

RS:  Still, he has really maintained his composure throughout.  Candyman back

to his feet.  Candyman helping Nevermind up and now he whips him hard into the

corner and the ref gets in the way.  

TS:  The ref is out cold and Nevermind hit him kind of funny to and he's

knocked off his feet.  Nevermind is just sort of slumped in that corner.

RS:  Candyman is coming over to follow up on the damage done by that move.

Wait a second.  Nevermind has got a hold of that candycane.  Candyman grabs

Nevermind from behind and spins him around.  

TS:  Nevermind drives that candy cane hard into the stomach of Candyman and

then he goes up top with a shot to the jaw of him.  Candyman staggers

backwards one step then his feet go out from under him and he lands face first

on the mat.

RS:  Nevermind throws the candycane out of the ring and grabs the ref as he

covers Candyman.




RS:  It's over.  Nevermind has won.  

(the crowd begins booing and throwing things at the ring as Smells Like ***

Spirit begins to play on the PA)

BO:  Your winner of the match Nevermind!!!!!

TS:  The crowd is very upset.  Candyman seemingly had this one under control

when Nevermind hit him with that obviously loaded candycane.  Rich Herrin is

in the entryway looking to get a word with Nevermind.

RH:  Nevermind what exactly is in that candycane???

NM:  nevermind...


[Marcus "The Misery Machine" Manson vs. "The Natural Man" Sandy Fields]

BOB ORTIZ:  Ladies and gentleman, we are ready for the second round.  In this
round, all matches will now have a 30 minute time limit.  Introducing first...

(Beethhoven's 5th comes on over the PA)

BOB ORTIZ:  From Beverly Hills California, standing 6'5 and weighing 260
pounds... the Natural Man Sandy Fields!!!

(Fields makes his way to ringside in hot pink tights and knee high white
boots.  Hostile is written on one boot and Takeover on the other.  A black eye
is forming where Mahony punched him earlier.)

TS:  Interesting to note that Fields didn't bother with the robe for the
second round.  I would not be surprised to see a much more serious, focused
approach out of all of the second rounders.

RS:  And Marcus Manson just came running out chair in hand.  He slams the
chair across the back of Fields!!!  Manson again slamming the chair across the
back of Fields and now he whips Fields into the ring railing.

TS:  Manson is all over him.  Manson now folds up that chair and puts it on
the ground.  Pile driver by Manson.  Fields was just driven down ***to
that chair.  That right eye of Fields which was obviously injured earlields is
in all kinds of trouble.  Manson follows him in.

TS:  Fields bleeding heavily from the right eye, but he just does stagger to
his feet and shoulder tackles Manson as he is trying to get into the ring.
Manson is driven off the apron and back into the ring railing.

RS:  Fields rolls to the outside and delivers a neckbreaker on Manson.  Fields
has got to get this one over and fast.  He is losing a lot of *** and there
is just no telling how long he will be able to continue.

TS:  Fields now throws Manson hard into the corner post.  Manson may have been
knocked out by that one.  Fields with a desperation flurry here.  The question
is can he keep this up long enough to put away Manson.

RS:  Fields now rolling Manson into the ring.  He wipes the *** from his
face so that he can see.  That eye is busted open something terrible.  The
ringside doctor starts to get up.  I think he's going to try and stop this.

TS:  And Colby just stares at the doctor who sits back down.  Meanwhile,
Fields is back into the ring.  Front facelock and ddt by Fields!!!

RS:  Manson in trouble now.  Fields rolls on top of him.  



TS:  Nope.  No leg hook by Fields and he just didn't have the strength to keep
Manson's shoulders to the mat.  

RS:  Both men are now covered in ***.  Fields has lost a ton of ***, yet
he still fights on.

TS:  Fields to his feet and now he helps Manson to his feet as well.  Fields
now grabs Manson around the waist.  Hostile Takeover on the way.

RS:  Fields could end it with his devestating bely-to-belly suplex... no wait
eye rake by Manson.  He directed that right at that open wond of Fields.  That
was disgusting.

TS:  Manson realized he was in trouble and he did what it took to get out of
the hold.  I told you he was resourceful.  Manson now punching away at that
open wound of Fields.

RS:  Fields has released him and turns away from the flurry of punches.
Fields is dazed.  I don't know how much more of this he can take.  

TS:  Manson now lifting Fields up into a torture rack.  Manson has him in the
rack!!!  With the amount of pain Fields has got to be feeling right now, I
don't think he'll last long.

RS:  Fields is in pain.  You can hear him screaming in pain.  Yet still he is
struggling.  And Manson just drops him.  Manson just turned and said something
to the ref.

TS:  My lip reading is rusty, but I believe he told him that if he didn't stop
the match, he was going to be responsible for the end of Fields' career.

RS:  Oh no.  The ref looks at Colby who just shakes his head.  Manson now
forcing Fields back to his feet.  FIelds is out of it.

TS:  Manson with the abdominal stretch... here comes the Misery Machine.  He
places a leg over the neck of Fields.  Fields is practically supporting Manson
on his back and neck.  

RS:  And that's it.  Fields has quit.  The ref calls for the bell.  

*ding* *ding* *ding*

TS:  Yeah, but Manson still has him in the Misery Machine!!!

RS:  Fields with a valiant effort here, but that vicous punch he took from
Mahony earlier in the night was his downfall.  It only took one chair shot
from Manson to bust that thing wide open.  

TS:  Manson still with Fields in the Misery Machine.  Colby hass hopped the
guard railing.  He is up on the apron and just as he steps through the ropes,
Manson releases the hold.  

RS:  Fields drops to the mat a ***y mess.  Manson holds up his arms in
victory.  Colby just shakes his head and walks over to check on the fallen

TS:  Manson now grabs Colby and he's holding his arms outwards.  He wants to
know what's up with Colby.  Colby points to the back as if to tell Manson to
get lost.

RS:  And Manson just shakes his head and walks away.  The crowd is booing
Manson and throwing things at him.  He is not making friends here.


["Mr. Sincere" Johnny Glamour vs. The Enforcer]

TS:  I gotta ask you though.  How is Glamour going to be able to beat Enforcer
after the pounding he took in the first round?

RS:  Honestly, I do not know.  Glamour is a smart guy.  He is going to have to
come out on fire and put it away fast.  I don't know how much more pounding he
acn take here tonight.

TS:  Let's go down to Bob and find that out...

BOB ORTIZ:  Introducing first...

(Break On Through by the Doors plays over the PA)

BOB ORTIZ:  From GlamourVille U.S.A.  6'4 242 pounds... Johnny Glamour!!!

(all eyes turn to the curtain.  Nothing happens.  All the sudden there is a
commotion on the other side of the arena.)

TS:  Johnny Glamour is coming through the crowd.  He looks pissed off.  He has
already been attacked in the back locker room area.  Then he was mauled by
Great Milenko.

RS:  No chances for Glamour here.  He is coming through the crowd with a
police escort.  

(He is wearing black tights.  He also has on royal blue boots with the initals
$EE$ on them.)

BOB ORTIZ:  And his opponent...

(Against All Odds by Tupac Shakur blares over the PA)

BOB ORTIZ:  From Brooklyn, New York, 7'6 620 pound...ENFORCER!!!

TS:  Enforcer steps into the ring and we are ready to go.  Glamour looks
especially good all things considered.

RS:  Yeah, tell me that in about five minutes with this giant.

TS:  Enforcer trying to cut the ring in half and Glamour is trying to keep
moving.  Enforcer now has finally cornered Glamour.  And now Glamour rolls out
of the way.

RS:  Quickly he turns and kicks Enforcer behind the knee.  No apparent effect.
Enforcer is turning and Glamour on the move again.

TS:  Glamour continuing to circle the big man.  Enforcer cuts the ring in half
again he is backing Glamour into the corner.  Glamour fakes a roll then drop
sown in the other direction.

RS:  Mid roll he swings out his legs and gives a good kick right behind the
knee of Enforcer.

TS:  Enforcer wobbles a bit.  Again though he regains his balance.  Glamour
circling with him again.  Glamour is really being respective of the size of
this big man.

RS:  Glamour now comes right towards Enforcer and delivers a standing dropkick
to that knee.  Enforcer is wobbled.  He's starting to go over...

TS:  Glamour quickly to the top flying ax handle... and no.  Enforcer catches
him and turns it into a spine buster.  What a move by the big man.  

RS:  Enforcer now grabs ahold of the legs of Glamour.  He is trying to turn it
over into a Boston crab...  if he gets this it's over.

TS:  Glamour punching away at the knee of Enforcer.  Enforcer having trouble
getting Glamour turned over.  

RS:  Glamour grabs ahold of the ropes.  Enforcer now letting go of him.
Glamour rolls to the outside.  He grabs ahold of Enforcer by one leg and

TS:  He is trying to maintain his balance... he's falling.  Glamour pulls on
his leg.  Enforcer falls down!!!

RS:  Glamour now slamming that knee down onto the canvas. GLamour going to
work on that knee.  He goes and grabs a chair and slams it down across that

TS:  Glamour now slamming away at the knee of the Enforcer.  Great plan.
Wait, Enforcer has had enough.  He kicks at Glamour and Glamour goes reeling
backwards and he hits the ring railing.

RS:  Enforcer now struggling back to his feet.  Glamour back into the ring.
Glamour in control of this one...

TS:  He propells himself into the ropes and then comes off with a big running
clothesline.  Enforcer is wobbling again.  Glamour coming off the ropes

RS:  Enforcer catches him with a sidewalk slam!!!  The cover.




RS:  No.  Glamour just does get a foot on the bottom rope.  Enforcer looks
like he's going to do a vertical splash on that lef.  Enforcer jumps up and
slams down hard into the mat!!!

TS:  Glamour is not there.  Glamour quickly trying to get back to his feet.
He turns and delivers a superkick just as Enforcer gets to his feet.

RS:  Enforcer down on one knee.  Glamour back up to the top flying body
press... no.  powerslam by Enforcer.

TS:  Great move.  Enforcer on top of him...




RS:  No!  Glamour just did get a shoulder up.  Enforcer looks upset.  Again,
he is using the ropes to get back to his feet.

TS:  He is helping Glamour up.  He's going for the Enforcer here.  He's
lifting him up for the suplex...

RS:  Oh my.  His leg just buckled.  Enforcer falls backwards dropping Glamour
on top of him.  Glamour is reaching his arm around the neck of the Enforcer.
He starts to pull on that arm and is putting all his weight on the back of the

TS:  That has got to be hurting his arm.  Enforcer is fighting it.  He is
trying to find a way out of it.  This new Glamour Twist is totally unrehearsed
by Enforcer.

RS:  He can't figure out how to get out of it... Glamour really pulling back
now.  And the ref calls for the bell.  Enforcer has tapped out.

TS:  Johnny Glamour has done it.  GLamour just releases the hold and leaves.  

BOB ORTIZ:  Your winner of the match... Johnny Glamour!!!!!!!!



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