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What does it stand for?


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Juvy Does Not Promote Swearing.

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VwAPrEz passed along these words of wisdom:
: What does it stand for?

[Juvy Does Not Promote Swearing]

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     Juvy Does Not Promote Swearing.  That facist JUVENTUD would like to
monitor what you say, how you say it, and basically climb inside your head.  
(:P Juvy)

     Therefore, I've started a rival movement.  Do not concern yourself with
[JSNPS], but think along the lines of [JBDPS]... Joe Birmingham Does Promote
Swearong.  And if you see anyone use [JDNPS], please, replace it with the word
it was intended to block.  It's the only way to fight 'IL DUCE'.


Joe Birmingham
  * Hey Juvy, if everyone knows what is supposed to be said under the JDNPS,
but replace it with JDNPS instead of the actual word, aren't they just drawing
attention to a word that would have most likely been skimmed over?  Way to keep
everyone's messages "clean" there, Juv.




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Just some gay little Juvy thing about not swearing... I think it's to get a
little more attention, but I'm not sure.  *shrug*

Support the [JBDPS] "Joe Birmingham Does Promote Swearing" movement!

Jenn :)

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