Vickie Guerrero Sells House, WWE Jet Link Taken Down

Vickie Guerrero Sells House, WWE Jet Link Taken Down

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Vickie Guerrero did end up selling the house Eddie Guerrero bought in
2005. They had a $630,000 mortgage at the time of the sale, so after
property taxes and commission to the realtor, she likely lost money on
the deal. She has moved back to El Paso, Texas.

Apparently, World Wrestling Entertainment got wind of the news post
linking to a flight tracking website showing the WWE Jet's live flight
track. WWE ordered the website to take the page down. Here is the
message that was left on the page:


This flight is not available for tracking per request from the

Regarding a possible lawsuit from the creators of the Cartoon Network
show "Assy McGee" because the "Mr. McMahon's Kiss My Ass" cartoon
seemed to be much too similar, WWE actually didn't get served with a
lawsuit. Gary Davis, WWE's Vice President of Corporate Communications,
sent the following notice to a few websites: "Just to set the record
straight, to date, WWE has not been served with a lawsuit from the
creators of the cartoon 'Assy McGee,' and is unaware of any such
claims." However, some sources are saying that a cease and desist
letter was sent, followed by telephone discussions, and that in the end
WWE handled the problem.