Behind The Scenes News On's 'Industry News' Section

Behind The Scenes News On's 'Industry News' Section

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As you would imagine, the newly launched "Industry News" section on has shocked a lot of people. The decision to launch the
section was made by Vince McMahon.

Michael Cole was replaced as the top guy running because
McMahon was disappointed with the types of stories being posted on the
site, not to mention the decline in unique visitors (traffic to has dropped with each passing quarter since WrestleMania 23).
A while back, they adopted a new, or old approach, by generally doing
stories like if they came from a 1980s wrestling magazine by keeping
kayfabe and acting like the storylines are real. This came to be due
to Stephanie McMahon & Triple H; more Triple H from talking with older
wrestlers who insist the business being exposed is its downfall.

A new editor for the website has since been hired. He suggested a few
"wacky" ideas, but McMahon nixed pretty much all of them. However,
McMahon suddenly got one of his impulse reactions and said that he
wanted to become the destination point for every wrestling fan
who wanted real wrestling news. He had the idea in the past, but
always changed his mind on it before pulling the trigger. McMahon
described that he wanted to be similar to the Drudge Report
and Daily Variety.

One person was hired to be in charge of the "Industry News" section.
The person is said to be a very casual wrestling fan who is a fish out
of water in the position. They're paying him to surf wrestling news
websites like this one and pick out stories to post on The
stories this person picks have to be screened by the creative team so
that the wrong thing is not posted.

McMahon said he wanted news on rival promotions such as TNA, and even
obscure indy leagues. He said the section won't work unless fans see
it as "credible news."

The new feature is said to be a constantly evolving process. Also,
some people believe that McMahon will change his mind on the section
sooner or later.

For a number of years, Shane McMahon was lobbying the idea, but as a
premium on a subscription portion of the site. However, Stephanie shot
the idea down. Shane's idea wasn't to credit websites, but for WWE to
create the news and be competition for all the other websites. He
believed with WWE's greater resources and access to all the key news,
everyone would go to WWE for the news, and they would eventually
control all the industry news. Shane's vision was said to be similar
to how the Fox News Channel reports news in a sense that it would be
news, but skewed toward their viewpoint.


Behind The Scenes News On's 'Industry News' Section

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wacky idea = link to rspw


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