Fantasy Wrestling Online seeks handlers ....

Fantasy Wrestling Online seeks handlers ....

Post by Brickhous » Sun, 10 Oct 1999 04:00:00

FWO (Fantasy Wrestling Online) is currently seeking to increase it's roster
size.  We are a booked fed that relies heavily on storylines and angles.
Currently we have one card a week , but will be moving to two once the
roster builds up.

The FWO isn't a time restraining federation , your level of participation
and the time you put into the fed is completely up to you. However , to
ensure that you still wish to be a part of the roster , we do require at
least 1 flash every week.

The FWO isn't about being the biggest or best fed on the net , but simply
the most entertaining.  We want guys on our roster who can appreciate that
and understand that ewrestling is just a game and is not to be taken to
seriously.  If you feel that this is the type of fed you are looking for
then please stop by and check us out.

Brickhouse Brown