Analyzing the WWE "industry news" section/decision/theory

Analyzing the WWE "industry news" section/decision/theory

Post by Butler To A Hotti » Sat, 15 Mar 2008 06:07:54

At first I was surprised by this, but the more I think about it, the
more sense it makes.

Vince has bought up a TON of wrestling libraries, and he might very
well one day get things like ROH.  I think TNA is a bit different in
that it is backed by Panda Energy, and as long as Dixie Carter and
Spike care about TNA, they will keep it going ( I highly doubt TNA is
in as bad a shape as WCW because they have been sane about contracts),
but Vince probably realizes he or his heirs could buy or own the TNA
libraries as well.

This leads up to having a "Wrestling Channel" and essentially Vince
becoming the overriding force of the very concept of wrestling. Much
like the NFL IS Pro Football, they helped kill the USFL (With that
idiot Donald Trump's help) like Vince killed WCW. But they also back
Arena Football and didn't mind the failed AAFL concept (and thought
about putting it on NFL network). They work with college football to a

Also it sort of follows the UFC path of the UFC letters trumping the
letters MMA.

Vince doesn't view TNA as a threat, and certainly not ROH as a threat,
so there is no reason to put them out of business.  Its a bit
surprising that since TNA is on Spike TV he would even promote their
PPVs, but in reality, the net fans who read THAT detailed
probably already know about it anyway and the fanbois and girlz of
Hardy and Cena wouldn't buy a TNA PPV anyway, let alone give to rat's
asses about ROH.

Its actually a pretty interesting expansion of mind for Vince. Though
he is just as likely to change his mind tomorrow and make someone
polish his car as punishment for something he approved of.