IMPEACH HOGAN! - An Open Letter To Terry Bollea

IMPEACH HOGAN! - An Open Letter To Terry Bollea

Post by The-Lobotomis » Sun, 15 Nov 1998 04:00:00

                  IMPEACH HOGAN!

      An Open Letter To Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea

Hey Terry.
        Unless you were both blind and crassly insensitive
to the real world I reckon you'd hard pushed to find WCW
fans who wouldn't agree that Nitro has hit a bit of a  slump
in the last few months. And we're not just talking about the
ratings of the quarter hours featuring The Ultimate Warrior
during the last couple of months. Those quarter hours merely
serve to drive home what the problem is - and you know what?
It's you Hogan. Its not the Warrior, it's you and your
limpet-like bum-chum, that non-wrestling jobber, Beefcake
and your no talent *** nephew Horrible Horace who is
receiving the most undeserved push in wrestling history.

Don't get me wrong, Hogan, don't worry about not being over,
you're "over" alright. But by that I don't mean getting huge
pops. I specifically mean that the extended twilight of your
career is over. You had one last good run as leader of the
nWo but now you're finished. The last decent gimmick you
inherited has finally had the last of the juice relentlessly
squeezed from it. And boy do we fans know it.

And the backlash has started. Even WCW marks are starting to
whine about the lack of quality in WCW PPVs. Let's be honest
with each other, you've used every opportunity possible to
book yourself and your angles with all the big names and new
stars of WCW - and all at their expense.

Love him or hate him Goldberg is way over - yet you still
"Hog" the spotlight and the angles. You turned Bret Hart
into your lapdog and rather than unleashing him as a
snarling bulldog all we got was an attack chihuahua yelping
pathetically. You ruined Sting's run as Champion in April,
when he was so far over it was untrue and you selfishly and
foolishly decided you had to "save the show" in the wake of
the Waltman incident, which I'll go into further later.
Worst of all you single handedly ruined the credibility of
one of the best wrestling angles in history by adding those
non-wrestling jobbers known as Beefcake and Horrible Horace
to the nWo

And right now Hogan, you're ruining Warrior. I don't know
about anyone else but I'd be quite happy seeing Warrior
shake the ropes and squash some jobbers. Instead we're
seeing him used to further your own aims in WCW at his
expense. Putting yourself in an angle obviously designed to
eventually restore you to that tired old red and yellow
babyface persona at some point in the future is what's
killing him. And don't deny it, you've always been a mark
for your own face.

As far as I'm concerned you can trace this slide back to one
event : the firing of Sean Waltman and the subsequent
threatened mutiny by Hall and Nash. Despite some fine
moments, Nitro has been in a downward spiral in terms of its
quality - because you pushed yourself and the non-wrestling
jobber known as Beefcake and Horrible Horace at the cost of
every other wrestler, talented or otherwise, in WCW. By
firing Waltman and forcing a confrontation with Hall and
Nash, you manipulated a position where you had more power
than ever. And boy did you use it.

The only problem is, in the last 6 months you've totally
overexposed himself. I'll admit to getting a kick out of
your big heel turn and the subsequent year's "mayhem" in
96/97- because Hall and Nash and the others all got to share
the spotlight and, unlike you, these guys rock. But this
year things changed. The nWo became Hogan and Hogan became
the nWo - because you wanted it. There was no in-between, no
balance, no willingness to pay back the favours and pass the
torch to the new talent currently being stifled by being
forced to stand in your shadow. Think I'm wrong? You tell
me, are the fans showing the same bored indifference to you
now that you received in your run in the WWF following
Wrestlemania IX?

Okay then, what about the universal slating the War Games at
this year's Fall Brawl received? Not even WCW marks had a
good word to say of it. Want to know why? Because you had to
take centre stage and "Hog" it all for yourself. It wasn't
enough to see some of the best talents in the business in
the last 15 years provide the most exiting match ever. No,
instead you had to book it as an angle, not a match, to put
yourself over and totally ruin it as a result. What a wasted
opportunity. And lets not talk about Halloween Havoc and a
pathetic buy rate of 0.8 that was less than a throwaway WWF
In Your House in October which got 0.9. Gee, I wonder which
event didn't plug Hogan, let me guess?

And that's what's wrong now. There is so much opportunity in
WCW yet it is all being stifled by you because you simply
can't let it go, have to hog the show and hog the booking.

Hogan, I'm going to be as polite as I can about this: we're
sick of you. You "Hog" the teevee - all you do is use the
glass teat as a way of trying to wean fans away from the
true fan favourites like Nash, Sting and the other truly
wonderful talents like Malenko, Guerrero, Benoit, Jericho,
Rey Mysterio not to mention the host of other good upcoming
talent currently stifled by your domination. Hell even
Goldberg stands in your shadow and unlike you he's over.

Terry, You could never wrestle. Now you're old and can't
wrestle. And its embarrassing. When I tell friends I like
wrestling they don't think of guys like Mick Foley, Bret
Hart, Steve Austin, The Sandman, oh no, they sit back and
cringe with laughter at your pantomime horse and poorly
choreographed match that hasn't changed in nigh on 15 years.

But hey Hogan, lets not kid ourselves, that's never mattered
much so long as *you* had a decent gimmick. Right? The sad
thing is you've ruined the best one you ever had and a lot
of smashing wrestlers into the bargain. It wasn't enough to
be a part of it helping other wrestlers get over, was it?
No, everything had to be centered around and focused on
Hogan because you marked out for your own face and gimmick
as the man who made pro-wrestling.

I've news for you. You didn't make pro-wrestling. You were
and remain a media creation. The result of hours of
marketing and corporate strategy and push. Even I could get
over with that kind of backing so lets not hear that self
delusional BS.

I have a question for you. Do you really want to remembered
as the man who ran WCW into the ground?

Do the fans, the wrestlers and the business a favour. Hang
up your bandanna now while you've still got a few strands of
hair more than Homer Simpson or at least help the younger
guys get over. And if you can't even do that then just ***

                        Yours sincerely,

                        The Lobotomiser

I am become a name; For always roaming with a hungry heart
Much have I seen and known, cities of men
And manners, climates, councils, governments,
Myself not least, but honor'd of them all,
And drunk delight of battle with my peers

                             Tennyson's Ulysses