"Unforgiven" John Thomas Role-play (Offers will be Considered)

"Unforgiven" John Thomas Role-play (Offers will be Considered)

Post by GSRa.. » Mon, 25 Jan 1999 04:00:00

::Scene opens to a Dark Alley. There are Homeless people on the Sides by Trash
Cans, trying to keep warm from the Cold. We see one figure, Dressed in a Black
T-Shirt, and Black Pants. His Hair is pulled into a ponytail.It is AWF
Superstar "Unforgiven" John Thomas::

John: Ah the Alley of my misfortunes. These people here used to make fun of a
16 yr old on the streets, these same people. These people made me suffer, now
they must suffer just like the people in the AWF. Unlike them though, The AWF
Superstars have yet to feel total Annihilation. They seem to laugh at the
Suffering of me. Take me as a Joke. Guys I ain't no joke. You will soon
notice, that I am a Force to deal with, Just like my Uncle. He thought I was
a Joke and used to beat me when he was drunk. Later on in Life, I went back
to his house and I put him in the Morgue. ::Laughs to himself:: I guess he
ain't laughing at me anymore. He can't hurt me anymore. Who of you AWF Stars
want to be the first of many Victims, on my undying quest to prove to the
World that I'm not a Joke but I am a star? Anyone wanna step into the ring
with me? I didn't think So.

::Scene Fades as he picks up a Trash can and Throws it at the Cameraman
causing the Camera to show a Blank Screen::

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