Summersham match #4....WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Summersham match #4....WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

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- We see Kane backstage with an open casket. Eerie music is playing in
the background. Kane is talking to Undertaker and says vengeance will
be theirs once he beats Rey Mysterio tonight. Kane says when he
defeats Rey tonight, he will shut the casket lid and end Reys
existence. Sheamus walks in. Kane asks him what he wants. Sheamus says
the casket is too big for Rey Mysterio but its perfect size for Randy
Orton. Sheamus asks to borrow the casket. Sheamus says hes doing to
drive The Viper right out of the WWE tonight. Kane says no. Sheamus
says thats too bad, because he and Kane could be unstoppable if they
were on the same page. Sheamus says thats fine, because people are
calling him the real Big Red Machine. Sheamus tells Kane to stay out
of his way. Kane laughs and says he likes Sheamus because he has guts
guts that will be spilled all over the floor if Sheamus interrupts him
again. Sheamus walks off

- We go to the ring but out comes The Miz, WWEs United States
Champion. Miz asks the fans if he should join Team RAW and gets a
mixed reaction. Miz says he doesnt care about what the fans want
because in the locker room, everyone wants him to join. Miz says when
he arrived today, John Cena came up to him and admitted he was wrong.
Miz says Cena got on his knees and begged him to join their team. Miz
mocks all of the Team RAW members, saying they have been sucking up to
him. Miz says he is WWEs only hope. Miz says he is the future. Miz
disses the Los Angeles Lakers. Miz says yes, he is not going to be
joining Team RAW. Miz says he will lead them to victory. Miz says hes
awesome and when the crowd goes to say it with him, he stops them. Miz
declares how awesome he is and his music hits as Cole announces that
Team RAW has found their seventh member.

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

They show a video package showing events leading up to tonights WWE
Title Match. We go to the ring and out comes the WWE Champion Sheamus.
Out next is Randy Orton to a nice reaction from the crowd. Justin
Roberts does formal ring introductions as we get ready to go.

Both men lock up, and Sheamus is able to take Orton into the corner.
Sheamus backs out and pounds on his chest. Another lock up and Sheamus
pushes Orton into the corner again. Sheamus goes to pose again, and
Orton kicks him in the gut, taking him into the corner and continuing
to work over the midsection with kicks. Sheamus tries to fight back,
but Orton takes him right back down to the mat with a big clothesline.
Orton stomps away at Sheamus. Sheamus gets back up and tries to fight
again, but he eats another clothesline, and another this time to the
outside. Orton follows to the outside and he slams Sheamus head into
the announce table before clotheslining Sheamus into the crowd over
the barricade.

Orton beats on Sheamus for a bit, and they make their way back into
the ring before the 10 count. Orton goes right back to work on
Sheamus, kicking at his joints and hitting a big knee drop to Sheamus
head. Sheamus tries to crawl to the outside, but Orton catches him
with even more stomps before grabbing his legs, and slingshotting him
straight into the bottom rope. Sheamus rolls to the outside, and when
Orton follows, Sheamus is able to slam him into the barricade. When
Sheamus tries to toss Orton into the barricade however, Orton reverses
and sends Sheamus shoulder first into the barricade.

Orton breaks the count, and he tries to send Sheamus shoulder first
into the ring steps, but Sheamus is able to reverse the Irish whip and
turn it around on Orton. Orton rolls back into the ring where Sheamus
meets him with a vicious series of stomps before pounding his head.
Sheamus goes for a pin, but hes only able to get a two count. Sheamus
brings Orton up to his feet where he hits a wuick short arm
clothesline. Sheamus hits a knee drop and goes for another cover and
gets another near fall. Sheamus locks in a rear chin lock, but Orton
is quick to fight back up to his feet. Sheamus goes for a suplex but
Orton blocks and reverses it.

Sheamus rolls out to the apron, but when he comes in, Orton gets him
in position for his rope assisted DDT. Sheamus is able to get out of
it though, and toss Orton over the top rope to the outside. Sheamus
follows and he stomps away at Orton before picking him up and slamming
him back first into the barricade. Sheamus picks him right back up and
slams him again. Sheamus rolls Orton into the ring and goes right for
the pin but only gets two. ....